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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I won!: Project Vanity's COM & PLDTHome Esprit Watch Winner.

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Hey guys! Alright, we are all back to work today. MONDAY! A day that we usually hate. But not now, hehe I wasn't able to check my e-mail yesterday, neither my facebook nor my twitter account. So this morning, when I arrived at work, the first thing that I usually do is to open my e-mail, and guess what? Ms.Liz of "ProjectVanity" mentioned me on twitter saying that I won as her Commenter of the Month. Wasn't expecting it anyway. So what is the special gift to me from her?

Here it is:
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Yeah a one free session from Flawless Laser Hair Removal. I don't have any idea on any laser thingy that different clinic has to offer, Haven't tried any of them since I know that it is very expensive, in short "pang-mayaman" at "pang-artista" lang sila.

So there's a little bit of nervousness and excitement that I feel today. Why? Kasi nga baka maignorante ako don. hahaha! Kidding aside, I never been to any derma clinic. And still worried if how does it feels during the  laser treatment. I've read some reviews about it this morning and some says it was good, but some says that it's a bit painful.

Well anyway, I'll just update you guys if what will happen in case na I have the treatment na.

Just wanted to say Thank you to Ms.Liz for choosing me as her Commenter of the month. Feeling ko wala naman masyadong sense yung mga comments ko sa post nya, hehe maybe she is being too mabait lang to me. Thank you again, and to Flawless.

Guys, please check Project Vanity too! If you are looking for a wide range of products, make-up, cleanser, outfit, shoes, anything! Ms.Liz have lots of reviews about wide range of products!

You might just be the COTM too! Just be consistent! Amazing gift is waiting for you!

Sneak moment:
I told my nanay and tatay about this, nagtataka sila ano daw yun? hehe si tatay sabi nya pano ba daw ako nananalo sa mga ganito? After explaining it to him, he told me na yung "Underarm" area daw ang ipa-laser ko, para daw hindi na ko nahihirapan at nangangati kapag nagpapluck ako. Wow! finally, naringgan ko rin ng positive si tatay, he doesn't know about my blog kasi. 

At di pa jan nagtatapos ang ligaya ko!

And about 6:pm yesterday (Tuesday na kasi ngayon) I also won ESPRIT Watch from PLDThome! OH come on! Sobrang saya! Ang ganda ng Monday ko! I love you Monday! I'll make a separate post kapag nakuha ko na yung price! Exited na ko! (hehe salamat sa twitter account ko!).
Thank you @PLDTHome!
Before sabi ko, hinding-hindi ako gagawa ng Twitter account. Pero after all these things. I love you din Twitter! hehehe.



Thanking you,


  1. i have great monday too hun =) i won a firmoo glass from thiamere =) congrats =)

  2. ikaw na talaga te! :) ang swerte swerte mo talaga :) e diba you won nanaman last time hihihi ;))

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