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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Event: The Beauty Junkee Meet and Greet

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So here's one of the much awaited event for me. The Beauty Junkee's  Meet and Greet that was held last Saturday June 16, 2012 at SNR Studio.
Photo credits to
SnR Studio is located at Unit 1 301 Millennium Place, 17 Meralco Avenue Ortigas Center
Short History on how I hooked up with ThebeautyJunkee:
Ms.Martha,24,owner of the blog Thebeautyjunkee has been one my favorite local bloggers. I've been reading and visiting her blog for more than a year now, and I am really amaze on how she write her posts, update her blog, showcase her make-up collection, giving advices to her readers, and most specially reviewing the famous expensive and not-so-expensive beauty products in the market. I can say that she's been my ATE because I usually gathered beauty tips and skin care on her since I don't have a sister and my mom is not really interested in cosmetics (but she is so supportive on me) thou most of the products that she is reviewing are expensive and honestly saying, I can't afford them. I tried not to read her blog nga last year, kasi parang I can't relate to them since I can not try those certain products that she was posting on her blog, pero I don't know why, every time I don't have things to do, still, I type on her blog address and read her post.  And you know the feeling, when she replied on your comments, it feels so nice! That's what keeps me on wanting to see her. I know Ms.Martha is a nice person, generous and intelligent, and it will be a privileged to meet a woman like her! Until. . .

Last month, she announced on her fb page that she's planning to have her First Meet and Greet this year, and after a week she formally announced it to her blog that she already set a MEET and GREET that happened last June 16, 2012. There are some mechanics in joining her Meet and Greet, but it was easy as 1,2,3. But unfortunately, I am not one of the FORTUNATE girls who will be her 10 guests on her M&G. Honestly saying, nagtampo ako when she announced the 10 girls, when upon scrolling the page, I didn't see my name (walang kasalanan si Ms.Martha, sisihin ang random draw!! lol). Pero i felt happy na din for the 10girls.

Then, a day before the event, Friday, someone's sent me a pm on fb :
Print Screen please!!

I was like Oh my gulay! YES! YES! YES! You know the feeling, super yung smile ko! Nahimatay ako ng 5 seconds (just kidding!).Then, Ms.M sent me the programme and map on how to get to SNR Studio. Yeehah! Sobrang Happy talaga! Talo ka na tapos biglang NANALO!

I created my own program hehe:

And here's the EVENT! Saturday, June 16, 2012. But wait, before ako magpunta may pinagdaanan muna ako, yes! I did the laundry Saturday morning dahil mom was sicked, at para payagan din ako ng Tatay! haha exactly 11 o'clock I finished the laba-dami labango and groomed myself at 12:30, I left home around 1:30 with matching heavy rain outside, and 30 minutes of traffic along Ortigas (my gulay akala ko malelate talaga ko!), buti nalang Manong FX Driver was so kind to drop me at the very front of the Millennium Place. So quarter to 3, I reached the SNR Studio! With matching kabog kabog sa dibdib ko, I walked slowly and I saw Ms.Martha upon entering the room. And I was like "Oh, I'm, not wrong, she's really pretty in person"! I approached her immediately, "Hi Ms.Martha", and she said: "Hi Jen!", wow she recognized me!  Okay so here's what happened in TBJ Meet and Greet (photo will speak for itself nalang).

Few minutes before the Program started, we chit-chat with the other girls and took some pictures of the buffets, make-up and etc, I arrived 3rd to the last:
Photo credits to Carmi Zate, girls are signing up the guests list (naks!)
And here's the Buffet by Sugar and Spice!! Super love the color combination!
1st Part: Introduction by Ms.Martha:
She really looks like Glydel Mercado talaga!
I so love her outfit,specially her Nine West wedges!
Super ganda lang!

2nd Part, we need to boost our energy! It's time for sugar rush!
Sugar and Spice prepare this buffet of imported and local candies and chocolates.

Lots of candies!
Ms.Martha told us to eat candies so we will be energize and won't get bored while she's talking in the front. hehe

3rd Part was introducing ourselves!

 It's Pam a blogger who will soon fly to Milan! Yay!
 2nd one is Sunshine, a blogger too
 This sosyal girl Raych (hehe) a blogger too!
 4th was Bing, a makeup artist! Wow!
 5th was Keith, a workaholic blogger, but the lucky girl on the event!
 6th was this pretty girl, Arra, fresh graduate and a blogger too!
 7th was Sarah, web designer and a blogger
8th was yours truly, hmm ang nguso! haba much!

9th was April, my seatmate :) 
And last but not the least, Carmi, who has been so nice to sent us copies of all the pictures on the event! Thank you Ms.Carmi!

The 4th part was, the not-so-formal Inroduction of the Mystery Guest. None other than Ms.Shen!!

Upon entering the studio, we already saw Ms.Shen, the woman behind the blog shensaddiction and we already knew that she's the ONE cause they've been tweeting each other the day before the event! (OH yeah! She's one of my favorites bloggers din! so happy to meet her in personal!).
Love her outfit! So chic!
Ms. Shen has an angelic voice, pretty, kikay, kwela at napaka jolly na person! She actually made us laugh for so many times!

Next, 5th part, the Day-Night Makeover by Ms. Shen!

Sabi ni Ms.Martha, parang wala daw yatang dapat imake-over kasi lahat daw kami nakamake-up at already pretty na daw! (nambola pa! hehe). She asked for a volunteer, but we decided na si Keith nalang, since she almost not wearing make-up at that time. Uhh, lucky girl! I shoul have not worn any make-up at that time! hehe

I jot down the steps/tips on how Ms.Shen do the makeover for Keith, and here it is:

First she removed Keith's makeup:

1. Moisturize your skin!
 She said that she don't actually use primer since she already have oily skin. She used Loreal for Keith.

2. Apply Foundation. 
Sheer Foundation for office girls and Powder Foundation if you will be on the field. (Not sure if which one she used, but here's the list Lancome, Bobbi Brown and Benefit)

3. Conceal blemishes. 
She used her favorite Body Shop Concealer with Tea Tree Oil.

4. Undereye Concealer
Just Pat! Pat! Pat!

4. Set it with Powder
In a dabbing/twirling motion using your brush.

5. Apply Blush-on
(Peachy shades will suit any type of skin color)

6. Contouring.
Her favorite part. Contour the temple - ear then downward also the bridge of the nose)

7. Eyeshadow.
Invest in good primer, she uses the Laura Mercier (good replacement for UD)

8. Eyebrows.
She used eyebrow pencil on Keith.
9. Lining the upper lash line.
(Fanny Serrano)

10. Apply Mascara.

11. Lip Cream - (Nyx, I forgot the shade)

12. Lipgloss and you're done for your Day look!

For Night Makeover here's what she did on Keith:

1. Apply Dark eyeshadow on outer V.

2. Add some light e/s on the 1/3 of your eyelids.

3. Apply Red Lipstick! And VOILA. You're ready to party!!

Here's how Keith looks like after the 2nd part of the makeover!:

Oha ang ganda lang! Keith, party-party na!

Afterwards,6th part was 

"How to Build a Sound skin Care Regimen" by Ms.Martha.

She said that if she's going to choose one of the 10 tips, she'll go for number 12, EXERCISE! I can see that Martha is really a health conscious person! So nice! She tackled the 10 tips on us.

Credits to Ms.Martha

Then one of the high lights of the event was the 

7th part, Open Forum. 

We are allowed to asked one Question that we've been wanting to ask her. I prepared 4 questions at home, and here's my questions:

Jen: What do you think is your best asset? (The crowd laugh, while Ms.Shen said, wow pang Beauty Contest ang question! hehe)

 (This may be not her exact words)
Martha: Aside from my ass, just kidding, I think it's my eyes, cause I've been in acting on theater so I guess it is my eyes, it expresses everything . . . 

And after the 10 questions from us, she gave us another chance to asked her 2 more questions. when I noticed that no one wants to ask her, I raised my hand and asked this questions that I've been wanting to ask her for so long but I am afraid to because it seems too personal:

Jen: My question is quite personal, but Upon reading your blog since last year, I didn't notice anypost from you mentioning your dad, so I am just curious if Where is your dad?

Martha: Actually, I don't have a dad. That's why I can't post anything about him on my blog. The last time I saw him was when I was four. He left us, but it's okay. It's okay to me even if I don't have a dad, because my mom can give me everything that I want. So I am not affected when someone ask me if naiinggit ako dahil may dad sila. But anyway, tomorrow is Father's Day, Happy father's day to your dad, and yeah, Happy Father's Day to my dad, wherever you are, I hope you're not yet in heaven. lol

(Now I know. hehe Thanks Ms.Martha for answering our questions!) 

And during her Open Forum Ms.Shen also taught us lots of lessons in blogging. She even asked Ms.M to mention how much she spent last year just for the sake of her blog. And yes, Ms.Martha spent 300K for makeup! Aw! Huge moolah!!

Here are some of the tips that I've got from Ms.Shen.

"In blogging, it takes time. If you really love writing and if you love what you are doing, you can  post about anything."

"The way you talk to people should be the way you talk to your blog."

"Don't take endorsements just because you'll get freebies. Make an article about certain products because you like it and you want others to discovered  it too."

"Don't try to be like someone  else. Be YOU."

What a powerful advices from her, fyi, Ms.Shen chose to be a blogger rather than being a lawyer. She's also one of the women behind the Beauty Pro Cosmetics.

Moving on to the 8th part was the Sponsors Speak:

Here's Carmi and Mel (if I'm not mistaken)of Sugar and Spice:

Ms. Sydney of SnR Studio:

Last but not the least, Mini-Raffle by Sugar & Spice and The Beauty Junkee!

Pam, Sarah and Camri won the 3 cute pink bags with lots of candies inside from Sugar and Spice!
And Keith (fortunate one!) got Ms.Martha's giveaway!

Before we finished the event, of course mawawala ba ang Picture Taking, OF COURSE NOT!!!
To bad, nalowbat kaagad ang digicam ko, thanks to Ms.Carmi and Arra for sharing the pictures!

WITH MS.MARTHA, here it is! I finally met here up closed! A dream come true! 
With Ms.Shen, one of the amazing blogger I've knows, together with Ms.Martha, can't believe that I will be able to meet her too! She's so jolly and so kulit!

Ms.Martha and Ms.Shen are too sweet, they even gave me a big and tight hug! They showed me that they are very thankful for reading their blogs, those smiles on their faces :) Thank you too Ms.Martha and Ms.Shen, meeting you is a far way better than meeting celebrities, no kidding, cause I know that you are truly sincere and you are willing to help us to make us feel beautiful and confident about ourselves. Truly, both of you has been my online beauty consultant, and somehow it makes me feel beautiful after discovering your blogs. I am now more confident because of makeup, and I know now how to deal in with my insecurities. Thanks to blogging and specially to the GREAT WOMAN [like you] behind the blogs that I am subscribing in.

Mikki, Martha and Shen
With Sunshine and Pam.
Ms.Martha's glowing skin keeps on amazing me!
With Mikki, Martha, Me, and Shen.
Pam, Shine, Carmi and April :)

Indeed, the event has been wonderful, full of happiness, enjoyment and humorous! A moment that I will truly cherish :) Thanks to blogging, I met these beautiful and gorgeous women!

There's more, Ms. Martha and Ms. Shen didn't let us go home empty-handed, here's what we've got from the event:
 Anyway the clutch is from Makeupholics.
 Thank you Makeupholics!

Curious if what's inside the bag? I'll post a review soon!

From the bottom of my heart ,

  Your avid reader,


  1. awww, nakaka-move yung big tight hug... at anu itey hansabeeeeeeee! haha Glydel tlga ante habang ako naman sabi ko she reminds me of Lovi Poe! lakas maka-celeb!.. ♥

  2. wow.. girl, seems you had fun. let's follow each other on twitter :) @JOnnAzores.. what's yours?

  3. I really appreciate the long post Jen! :D Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with me. :) I'll see you around! :D

  4. Arra - oo ateng! haha such a great moment!

    Jonna - already followed you sis! Yes I did enjoy it!

    Martha - You are so lovely! I appreciate your visit and comment here on my blog. Loves you!

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