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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ask The Authors -

I'm an avid follower of this site for almost 7 months now :) Napaka full of sense ng mga authors nito at talagang nakakatuwa. I always make sure to pay a visit everyday (like 3 times everyday specially when i have a lot of vacant time at the office). What i like about them is,
  • They have sense of humor
  • They are very concern about the latest happenings in our society or even outside our country
  • They can really make me laugh by their funny posts everyday :D
  • Thou sometimes they used to post some of rated PG's post, hehe di ko nalang yun binabasa.
  • Dahil feeling ko gwapo ang authors behind this blog. hahahaha
  • at marami pang ibang dahilan, try nyo na din basahin ang blog nila and i will make sure to you na tatawa talaga kayo!

 I tried to submit a question (random question lang) and i thought they will ignore it, but after almost or more than  a month, they posted on their facebook account ( that the answer to my question has been already scheduled and it will be posted by next month (which is posted last October 9, 2011). I was so happy when i saw that post :) hehe so here's the link to that :)

Once again, i would like to thank all the Authors of, na sina:
  •  Bunso (Ultimate Crush) hahaha
  • Boss Chip (Second Crush)
  • Kulturantado
  • Manong Guard
More power to your blog guys! mabuhay kayo! Sana mkita ko kayo Soon.
Thanking You,
Jen :)
(ohh this is the Nyx Louisiana :)


  1. haha nice one! naaliw ako sa mga post nila! LOL

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