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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Haul: Maxi Dress+Lingerie+Accessories+Shampoos

Here's another post, showcasing  my weekend thrifty haul.

Last Sunday, me and my mom went to Sta.Lucia (Cainta) to buy umbrella, pero we didn't even think na aabutin kami ng almost 8 hours bago makauwi. Will tell you the whole story later on.

Sta.Lucia and Robinson's Metroeast were both on SALE. And I'm so glad that we walked around Robinson's department store and guess what I've got, a maxi skirt, 2 brassieres and 2 undies for only 500 pesos!!

Maxi Dress from Sun Kissed

Wanna know how much the dress is?

Got it for almost half the real price!

Basta may red tag na 50% or 70% yun talaga pinupuntirya ko, and so happy to see this maxi dress! 

And also I saw this lingerie stall with 50 - 70% off!
(Sorry but it may seem inappropriate to post lingerie here, lol)
Cosabella brassiere
 The pink one cost P149.75 but I got it for only P44.75!!
The black black cost P169.75 but got it for only P51.00 only!
Kahit sa market wala na kong nakikitang super cheap na brassiere! 
Mom also bought 2.

While these 2 cute panties cost only P50.00!

And we visited Dollar Store and here's what we've got:
From Dollar Store
Harrison Natural Oatmeal Shampoo for our two doggies P99.00
Alberto V05 Moisture Milk Shampoo, this one smells good! P85.00

At yun, we waited for almost 3 hours before makasakay ng jeep dahil sa super traffic daw along Junction, and it's raining hard. Nakauwi na kami mga 11 pm na, pero okay lang, haha at least may nabiling mura! :D

I also bought (real) silver earrings last Saturday since I lost the only pair that I have for a long time na. And take note, I bought 2 pairs of earrings and 1 necklace which cost me not more than P600.00!
This diamond shaped earrings cost only P250.00
(this is real silver)

Rounded silver earrings for mom that cost P200.00
( size of  1 peso)

And a necklace for my cutie nephew for only P180.00
Sorry but I cannot share to you the pictures, my batteries were lowbat.

So total haul cost is P1,274.

Yipee! So glad that I found these affordable products!

Have you found something affordable last weekend?
Share it guys!



  1. The bottoms are so cute! I love the pink one!



  2. I haven't done haul in the past cause it's part of my cost cutting plan :) however, I can't resist going in a movie house twice or thrice a month :( m guilty pleasure..

  3. Great deal sis especially with the undies! Cool! <3 Wala bang OOTD jan? Hehe, kidding! Lagi ka talaga naghhaul! :))


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