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Friday, September 14, 2012

Thrifty Shopping Tips (TST) brought to you by PrettyThifty!

Since today / tomorrow is Payday, I decided to publish this prior to the day that It was intended to be (Tama ba yung pinagsasabi ko? hehehe). But first of all I would like to say HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! Sorry for the lack of post for 2 days, kinda busy and lazy to make a review.  So I decided to push this post instead.


Some of you already know that I am a thrifty person. I usually buy things if it is on sale.
So I came up with my very first Shopping Tips for you. Hey guys, this is just my own preferences. All of the things that are listed below were based on my own perspective and experiences. This might not work for those who are brand conscious and have lots of money lmao :D. But if you are a thrifty and junkie person like me, you might find some additional tips below.

TST - Thrifty Shopping Tips brought to you by Prettythrifty!

1. If you want to go shopping,  Plan first.

2. Create a list of the things that you really NEED to buy.

3. Look for the shopping mall which has an on going SALE like: Clearance Sale, 3 Day Sale, Anniversary Sale and etc. But make it sure that the shopping mall is near you so there will be less hassle and less transpo.

4. Prior to your shopping sched, Save! Save! Save. Whether it's from your school allowance or from your Sweldo (if you are working) kapag napagsama sama yan, lalaki na yan!

5. Shopping day. Eat first before you leave home. 
(I usually do this so I don't have to eat when I arrived at mall, maybe I do but for meryenda nalang, which is not more than P100).

6. Make it sure to wear flats. Don't ever wear high heels. Why? Because you will. . . .

7. Walk! Walk! Walk! Yes, the very best thing to do is to walk around over and over again. Dapat matatag ang paa mo sa paglalakad to look for cheap / affordable items. Therefore, you can compare certain products or brand if what is
cheaper and better na swak sa Budget mo!

8. Buy first the things that you badly Need, so if you have spare money you can buy the things that you want, for example
accessories and other kaek-ekan sa buhay.

9. Don't be shy. Wear extra "kapal ng mukha" (layer your foundation) lol! when making halukay or siksikan sa mga items na may "Red Tag" or "Mark Down items".
 Believe me, may hidden Gems sa mga ganyan, you just have to be patient.

10. Have an accompany. The best buddy to have is your (if possible) Mommy, Nanay, Mudra, Ermat o Mama. Proven ko na, the best ang nanay kasama, mahaba ang patience. Mas masarap kapag may kausap ka or katulong sa pamimili if you are torn between the two panties. lols. (Well maybe if thrifty din si nanay!).

11. And last but not the least, SELF CONTROL. Yes, you have to say STOP! When you already have the things that you really need to buy. Think that you will be breaking a LAW if you will buy those things which will EXCEED to the allocated amount that you set for your self. Remember, ang laman ng WALLET ay hindi UNLIMITED

12. And remember, unexpected moments might come tomorrow or on the next day.  I learned that from my mom:  

"Wag basta basta gagastos, may mga di inaasahang panahon, for example, you might got sick, or mawalan kayo ng bigas, or dumating yung mga bills, or there could be someone who will come to you and ask for your help if she / he can borrow
your money for emergency purposes, at least may madudukot ka."

The things that I mentioned above is basically and literally the things that I considered first before I shop. Since I only earn a small amount of money on my work, and we are just an average people (tipong 3x kumakain sa isang araw,maximum 4 times pag may meryenda). Nagworked yan saken. Kahit na Kuala Lum-poor ang family namen, somehow nakakaipon pa rin naman ako ng Shoes (currently have 20 pairs of shoes I didn't mean to brag), Bags, Makeup and Accessories. Pero if you really want to buy something for yourself, you just have to be THRIFTY and WISE specially if you work for yourself and kung hindi naman kayo wealthy. Be CONTENTED din and learn to ACCEPT the fact that you can only BUY this because you only EARN this. 

And there yo u have it. I hope you didn't find this post a crappy one. I just wanted to share with you the ways and my principles when it comes to spending money. We aren't rich. I work hard so I can buy the things that I need. But, I always consider those things which are highly important like the necessities of the family. 

Kasi nga may motto ako, and it goes like this:

Paubos na ang lipstick ko at blush,
Pero mas mahalaga ang tubig at gas.

Hehe, happy weekend everyone!
Enjoy and be wise!


  1. love this post! my mantra on the other hand is that quality over quantity and if they product/commodity's quality does justice to the price then i'll go get it. But if it doesn't then i don't.

    For clothes, I don't usually go with trends so I guess I could save more on that 'coz I usually go for the basic and classic pieces. ^_^

    1. Hi ate Iya, that's the thing that I want to consider now. The Quality over quantity thing :) Me too, di din ako sunod sa uso. hehe :)

  2. My additional tip ako sis! Always bring a bottle of water! Bahala na mabigat. The thing is if you're persistent in really looking for cheap stuff, mauuhaw ka talaga eventually. hahaha. Tapos minsan mahal ang mga drinks sa mall.

    1. haha yep! Thanks for the tip sis! Hehe mom always buy a big bottle of water, in case. Lalo na pag kumakain kami, mas mura daw kasi kesa sa softdrinks.

  3. definitely this is not a crappy post! I liked it when you said "SELF CONTROL. Yes, you have to say STOP!" that is a MUST! :)

    1. Thanks sis! Glad you like it. And you learned something from this :)

  4. I try to do all those things before hand.. BUT I still end up...
    1. Buying things I dont need!
    2. Eating outside even though I ate already. :P
    3. Just spend spend spend...

    haha.. :P Super hiraaaaap!!! I was at MOA awhile ago kasi 3 day big sale! and I stopped shopping NOT because I controlled myself but because I dont have money anymore. :P

    1. haha. Madali ka palang matukso sis! hahaha Dapat sayo ang kantang "O tukso, layuan mo ako!" hehehe. SAw your latest haul. It's massive!

  5. I often only buy stuff that are on sale na lang din.

  6. LOL @ torn between the two panties. makikipag-agawan pa ba si mommy? haha. ang helpful ng tips ah. lalo na yung kumain muna bago umalis.

    1. haha hindi naman. Large si nanay e, small lang ako. hehe Salamat Glenn :)

  7. Hi Jen! I'm new here in your blog. Found you from The Vanity Project. I like your blog because you're thrifty - my exact opposite. I like reading your blog because I'd like to learn from people like you how to make money work for your goals. :)

    It's a comment that is super late for the original date of publishing this post but I really learned from this. Keep blogging! :)


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