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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Excel Lip Cream 505 Pink

Here is the 3rd Part of my Excel lip Cream Review Series.
If you missed the first 2 parts, you can check it here:
512 Brown
512 Orange

Today I am going to review the Pink one:

Cost : P35.00
Where : Chic and Vogue
Shade No. : 505
The product label easily fades.

The applicator.

 The swatch:


Under natural lighting, after 12 hours.
I overslept with the arm swatch. And still, it was there :)

The shade 505 is a bright pink. A wearable one and looks good with any skin tone. Me, I have olive and yellow skin tone, my sister-in-law who has white complexion and my Mom, who has morena / yellow skin tone looks great with this shade. We even wear this all at the same time. lols.

On my lips:

I used LimeCrime Pink Planet underneath the lower lip, sorry for the dry lips.

 You'll notice that, the upper lip is drier than the lower lip.
So it is much better if you'll apply lipstick underneath. Yes, it's a MUST!
See the kweba? (cave)

And here it is after more or less 10 hours:
 Creamy lipstick is the best thing to use underneath the excel lip cream.

Honestly, among the 5 shades, this is by far the BEST shade for me. (Balimbing ako kasi I told you before that my favorite is the 512 Orange). But when I discovered the lipstick under-lip cream , I've been wearing this most of the time.

The shade isn't too loud nor too bright. It's just a cute pink which allows you to do smokey eyes or just plain eyeshadow or you can go with a lot of color combination. Parang for me it's versatile. I even wore this when I did the 2 layer-eyelining (the blue and black) and still it looks good.

Moi, wearing the Shade 505 on some of my FOTD's:

And that's it. I hope it helps if you are planning to get some Excel lip Creams :). 3 down, 2 to go!

Have a nice day!


  1. Eto ung sabi mu sis na maganda na shade? Sayang out of stock na. :( Pero the excel lip creams that I ordered will arrive tomorrow or on thursday so I'm really excited! :) Thank you for recommending the shop!

    1. Yes that's it sis! Oo nga e, told my friend na ibigay sayo tong shade na to kaso it's already OOS na daw. Welcome sis! :)

  2. yay! parang type ko yung nasa gitna! fierce! atsaka yung sa pinaka left, pa wholesome lang.. hehe :)))

  3. Not really a fan of pink shade lipsticks now but this one's so beautiful!Love the simplicity of the pink shade!♥

  4. sis, i wanted to buy this product na but something in me tells me that i shouldn't.. then i read this review

    I was like, she made perfect sense with the price and how the ingredients weren't labeled.

  5. i have the complete set and i love the colors of excel paris! the staying power is great but i have to say this one dries out on my lips especially if i don't use lip balm under it :)

    1. Hi Dana! Welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping by! You can apply creamy lipstick too (underneath) to lessen it's dryness .

  6. I have the 12 it from Kering keri stroe though. I will review them soon. :)

    anyways cutie sister.. I nominated you for the liebster award. :)

  7. Lovely color! I want to try out that shade too. I think I'm changing my thoughts about Excel Paris Lipcreams because of the lovely colors available! Haven't tried it with anything underneath yet.

    Shall do it soon! Bagay sayo!! :)

  8. ganda nang shade kaso I fear that it would dry my already dry lips! :(

  9. i'm using it too! your blog is so nice.. I'll follow you na ha.. Sna visit mu din ung blog q.. Stay pretty!


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