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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Elf Bronzing Powder (Warm Tan)

 Hi guys,  as promised there will be few changes on my blog. And for this week posts is all about makeup. So I will be posting reviews about affordable products like Elf bronzing powder, Ever Bilena Advance Brow Pencil, and the rest of my Excel Lip Creams in shade 510, 505 and 504.

The Problem : I have rounded face. I don't have the well shaped and contoured cheekbones, and most specially, I don't have narrow and beautiful nose (be proud, pinoy e')lol. So I always ended up on having big and flat face on pictures specially when it was taken in a front shot. So, there is a so called contouring and bronzing powder which is said to be made to help girls like me in enhancing and contouring my face. Will this affordable bronzing powder can solve my problem? Let's find out.

The Solution? : So I decided to try the Elf Bronzing Powder that I purchased on this Haul. I've been wanting to try the contouring powder + blush on, but since I don't need blush on, I opted for the bronzing powder. Here's how it looks like:

Cost : P129.75
Where : Elf stall at Watson's outlet
Shade : Warm Tan
This is a night portrait shot. I also included pictures which were taken on natural lighting.


The packaging is simple and elegant. Almost made of acrylic plastic (if I am not mistaken) which is transparent and in a compact form.
Product Info:
 Since I don't have a contouring brush, I just simply use my fingers or the fan brush that I recently bought in applying this.

Here are the photos taken under natural lighting:
 I noticed that the label on the compact fades easily.
 The bottom view of the compact.
 I really like the embellishment :)
 Shade is almost like a pale brown but it differs when swatch on my arms and specially on my face.
The swatch:
 The bronzer is a bit chalky. It has gold shimmer but very subtle.

Under natural lighting.

Left : blended, Middle : Two swipes, Right : One swipe

 When blended, the gold glitters disappeared and it gives you a very nice brownish shade.

 The gold shimmers only shown when you applied one - two swipes. Like, when I use an e/s brush, the shimmer shows, but when I applied it on the hallow of my cheeks, and well blended, it gives you a little bit of matte finish.


On my face:
This was after 3 hours I applied the bronzer. Without flash, under natural lighting.

When use as an eyeshadow:
 Is can be use as e/s too,. And I really like how it gives me a natural smokey look :) without too much effort.

Moi wearing the bronzer on some of my FOTD's:
 Slimmer nose and well contoured cheekbone!

The pictures below were taken on my secondary phone camera, sorry for the low resolution:
 Instant nose lift! Yey!

Pretty Thing :
- Affordable
- Easy to blend
- Cute packaging
- No weird scent
- Doesn't break me out 
- Gives me a glowing skin
- It contains a lot of product
- Can be use as an eyeshadow 
- It contour my cheeks and nose

Ugly truth :
- Just a bit chalky
Maybe because of the brush that I am using.
- The label easily fades 

The Verdict :
I love the product! It's amazing that 129 peso-bronzer from an imported brand does what its promise. It really gives you healthy glowing skin and well contoured face. I am pretty much satisfied and I actually wearing this everyday. It solve my problem! It gives me an instant nose lift. lols. Now, I don't have to worry about having flat and rounded face on pictures. Just keep it in mind that you have to apply it not too much and don't forget to blend, blend, blend! Cause your face might look muddy and dirty when applied too much.
It is really worth it and it can be categorize as a Pretty-Thrifty-Product!
100 % Recommended!

The Elf bronzer is available in 4 shades:
Luminance (lightest, can be use as highlighter)
Sun Kissed (peachy bronzer color can be use as blush)
Warm Tan (which I review, said to be the shimmeriest)
Matte Bronzer (dark color bronzer, matte)

You can check ELF Facebook page here to know more about their products.

And that's it. I hope you find it helpful.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Great review! I'm excited for the new changes happening on your blog <3
    Sis ang ganda ng kilay mo! Tutorial naman jan!

  2. i didnt know they have individual ones. isnt it too shimmery!? haha yes! your eyebrows look nice!! I wish mine is that clean looking. mine looks very bad. :P

  3. I wish I knew about this one before buying ung product nila na blush and bronzer. Di ko kasi maxado gusto blush nun and the bronzer is too dark. This bronzer looks like it's just the right shade though. And I think I will buy luminance! :) Sana available. Some of ELF's products are always out of stock.

  4. Hey Jenny, not sure if you still remember me, but its Iya.. :) I'm back to blogging na. Been reading your blog a lot..still subscribed to you! ^_^

    Anyhow, its great this product worked for you. I have this one to my mom since its pretty darn too dark on my pale skin. :( Great review!

  5. Hey Jenny, Iya here. not sure if you still remember me, but I have been your subscriber since a year a ago ( a year ago i think ). I'm back to blogging :)

    Great review on this product though it didn't work out well enough for me.

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