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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I won: Romwe Galaxy Leggings arrived!

Giveaway closed.

Last August, Romwe was generous enough to give 600 leggings for the whole month, 20 pairs a day as part of their giveaway. And I am a fortunate one to win a pair of their Galaxy Leggings! Yipee!
So I am very much excited to share it with you guys. I love it a lot so I took some pictures wearing it.

Opps, picture heavy! (Muntanga lang ako jan hehe)

Anyway, here's a few information about Romwe:

"Romwe was established in the 2009’s Christmas night. Just within half a year, Romwe has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion. Under the accelerating development of information today, FASHION, known widely by those SWEETS, no longer only belongs to the editors or stars. In latest five years, more and more accesses are made towards the street talents, for instance, LOOKBOOK.NU and chictopia and so on.Runaway is no longer the only origin of fashion inspiration. In the next 5-10 years, or even half a century, the streets will become the exclusive type of an important trend. Wherever you are in a small village in Switzerland or in the fashion capital New York, whether you are a student with a love of fashion or a fashion blogger, in the absolute world, the street is runway, where you can prove to the whole world that “I am a fashion girl” with your styling inspiration and cameras. So of course, there must be Romwe collections in your extraordinary wardrobe".

Wanna know which one I've got? Click Read more. . . .

Where: Free
Shipping Fee: Free!
(You can check it at Romwe)

 The packaged was sent from Singapore.
 The shipping is free, and Romwe also sent me on how can I track my package and after 15 days it arrived home!

Mom texted me, last Thursday morning and she paid just P40.00 for the postal fee (am I correct?). I am very much excited at that moment and I really wanted to go home early.lols.
I like how they packed the leggings, even if it is FREE they still put it in this resealable plastic.

I got the Burning Fire Leggings:
I am really amazed on the design of the leggings.

I fit it immediately when I arrived home. lols excited much?

Here's the back view:

Dang, I had a hard time taking shots, my digicam keeps on saying: Change the batteries thou it was fully charged 
(I think I need a new one!)

But di ako sumuko, kelangan ko ng picture sa blog ko, that's why I literally talked to my digicam and beg to be good and give me some shots! lol and it did!

Wala akong photographer, and our home is very small, and I don't have a good background so sorry for the cluttered bg on the pictures.

This is one of the best shot I had. lols. I just set the timer on camera at nagpopopose na ko. Bahala na!

I decided to edit the pictures to make it more interesting. :)

Isn't it pretty? I mean the leggings?

Natatawa ako sa itsura ko.

Nakatira ng Katol.

 Parang najejebs lang! Hahaha
Sis Iya, if you are reading this, In this picture I used the new EB eyebrow pencil that I bought from my latest Haul.
Reaching Galaxy is so easy with this Romwe leggings.
 I know you will definitely agree that the leggings is so chic and unique. This is the current trendspotting outfit, the galaxy prints, even Oxygen will soon release their own collection.

I wore the leggings this afternoon when me and my nephew went to SM, and I notice some gals are looking at my leggings!. Indeed this is such an eye catching one. 

The quality is good, the one that they sent me is in Medium size, and it's not too tight nor loose. It is comfortable and quite thicker than the usual leggings that you can buy at local store here in the Phil.

And that's it. If you wanted to buy, you can check Romwe, they have a lot of fashionable clothing, from t-shirt, jeans, bags, blazers, dress, accessories and many more, and take note, it's FREE Shipping worldwide! Isn't it great?

Hope you will enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Take care!

And by the way, thank you guys! I am very much surprised to all your comments about my previous post. You are all sweet! Can't mention all of your names, but thank you so much! I love you guys. I will do my very best to keep my blog updated.



  1. Congratulations! Those are really pretty leggings.



  2. congrats! :)
    Nice leggings!! looks good on you.

  3. Oh my!I really love the design!! Too bad I wasn't able to join the contest 'coz I really don't know about it.:( I really want to have this kind of leggings but don't know where to buy one. Lucky you!!

  4. so so so so fierce! Especially with those heels (actually mas attracted ako sa heels, where did you get it sis?) Kung hndi ka ba naman magiging eyecatcher nyan. i guess I'm really excited for this to become a trend. By December siguro, this'll become common na. :) It's great to wear something like this during Christmas time as I think it'll match the festive occasion. :)

  5. Cj, Clai and Em, thanks girl~

    Ile - hi sis! Hehe I bought it online, thou it is half inch bigger than my size :( That's why I cannot wear it. Only used it once. Anyway, thanks! hehe glad you liked it! Onga, mukhang perfect for xmas. lols.

  6. waaa. you won again ate :) ahaha swerte. Parang milky way :)

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