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Friday, September 7, 2012

A bit of changes and a thank you message for you.

Hi guys, I just wanted to inform you that I will be doing a few changes on how I post a certain topic on my blog. Like for example, the whole week will be focusing on Hair products, the next will be on Skin care, then Makeup Reviews and nail arts.What do you think? And I am trying hard my very best to give you a DIY post once a week.

And also, I am planning to have my "Pretty Cheapy Products" series, also known as favorite products of the month. I am pretty sure that I can't be consistent to post about it every single month. But as of now, I will be posting my current favorite products, those which I found  affordable but truly worth it to try and will not cost you more than 500 pesos.
And yes, I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you to" :
Isn't she lovely?
Hi sis, just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me on how to do some  tricks on how to gain more views to my page. And specially to those sweet and heart melting compliments you said to me. You are such a nice person. Thanks for appreciating my blog!

To Michele of All About Being Glam
Photo courtesy: all about being glam
for suggesting me to push my "Pretty Cheapy Products", and for being an avid reader of my blog. Thanks too for the Blog Bug Award. I didn't expect that you will like me and my post.  Salamat sistar!

Photo Courtesy: A beautiful Rhapsody
Hi sis! Just wanted to say thank you, for being my very first follower :) you've been there and commenting on my post from the very beginning! You are kind enough to helped me on how to add pages on my blog and introduced me to other bloggers. I don't know why, pero sobrang gaan ng loob ko sayo, hehe that's why I really wanted to meet you in person :) (Ang cute mo talaga!)

Photo courtesy: From Nails to makeup
Who has been one of my top commenters, who compliment me as always! For saying that she can feel that I am a good person. Aw! Super sweet! And for Blog Bug Award too! Thanks Iya!

And how can I forget Tintin of Girl's BFF,
Photo courtesy: Girl's BFF

Hi beh! Ate Jen wants to say "Thank You" for supporting my blog. Hehe ikaw lagi ang katweet ko! For the compliments, for photo likes, lol and for everything! Compatible talaga tayong dalawa dahil we love affordable products like EB!

 I waited for this for so long. I mean, it took me almost a year bago ma-notice ang blog ko. Thank you for all the love, for reading it, for leaving your beautiful comments, you just don't know how happy I am everytime I open my blog and see that there are pending comments. You guys are awesome, you helped me to boost more my confidence and somehow believe in myself more and more.

You know the feeling when someone says that she (you know who you are :) )is using your blog as reference on what she buys, like if I buy certain thing, she will buy it too because she knows that it is worth it to try dahil ako yung nagsabi. Yung tipong may TRUST sya sayo.

And d-r-a-m-a ko! Haha, basta thank you guys. Sometimes I wanna give up. Like, "Okay, I am going to abandon my blog, I can't update it anymore, I'm tired,. Ubos na English ko", but when I think of you guys, I remember that there are some people who are waiting for my new post. Kaya kahit na masakit na yung mata ko dahil sa 8 hours akong nakaharap sa laptop sa work, when I arrived home, I still face my desktop computer, charge my dg cam batteries, while creating a draft for my new post. Kahit na kakarag karag na yung dgcam ko (mabilis na malowbat) and even if it took me 2-4 hours before I came up with a new blog post, go pa rin dahil alam kong worth it yung pagod ko kasi binabasa nyo.

Thank you is not enough to show what I truly feel. I somehow, find happiness and friendship through blogging even if we cannot see each other in person. But I am hoping that one day, mameet ko kayo. Wala akong sister, pero ngayon parang I have na! Thank you girls, and to all my readers, Arra, Jonna, and to you, who is currently reading this post. Thank you so much for spending your time visiting my blog. I hope you find it helpful. 

Love you guys!
If you have something to say or to suggest for the benefit of my blog, I mean any suggestion that would be highly appreciated :)
Just leave it on the comment section!

Thanking you,

A teaser for my next post :)



  1. awww.. you're welcome ate! :) GO GO GO! I will support you all the way! Thank you also for always supporting me too. :)

  2. Sis you are soooo sweet! This is too heart-warming! I guess it's true that one of the rewards of blogging is FRIENDSHIP! And by the way sis, I wasn't just being nice. I was being "true" dun sa mga sinabi ko sayo. hehehe. Looking forward for your next post! Napa.fierce ng look natin sa picture ah.


  3. Sis HOW SWEET! keep up the good work! let's be pretty thrifty!

  4. Sweet!! You're welcome! You deserve all the recognition <3 I always take joy in reading your blog posts. I don't know but even if you don't mean to be funny, natatawa ko (in a good way ha!) kaya gustong gusto ko bnabasa blog posts mo. God bless! <3

  5. keep inspiring people through your posts in your blog pretty thrifty! :)

  6. Hey, love this post! And great idea for a change. BTW, your teaser for your next post is making me feel excited! Just look at that GALAXY pants!!♥♥♥ <-ultimate galaxy lover over here!! Will keep myself updated and wait for that post!♥

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Talagang naalala mo pala na ako ang iyong first follower. Hahaha! :P I really enjoy exchanging messages with you. At girl... natawa naman ako sa "Ubos na ang English ko." That happens to me too. WAHAHAHAHA! :) I always believe that you have the potential in the "blogging industry". Just keep up the good work! And one day... we'll meet in person. ^___^ Sayang lang talaga, girl, at sobrang kahectic ang mga schedule natin. :P Stay bonggacious! :)

  9. Go ahead Jen! You have me here to support you. I wish I could really update my blog as often as you do. But whenever I can't post, I do really read your blog. Just like you, there will be some changes on my blog too. Good luck to both of us.

  10. how bout a review of men's products LOL

  11. I agree! Maggie is such a darling! ♥ One of the few bloggers I really converse with ^_^

  12. Nakakaoverwhelmed naman! This is by far the most commented post of mine! Hehe/

    Chel - Will keep on supporting each others blogs! Thanks! :-*

    Ile - Hehe, salamat! I know naman yun na di ka nambobola hehe. Stay sweet and pretty dear! Gracias!

    Arra - Yes! Pero ikaw dati na talagang pretty! hehe

    Iya - I'm glad na napapatawa kita in a good way. hehe Thanks for the support and for the everyday visit on my blog! Labyah sis!

    Lavina - thanks Lav. I'll visit your blog too more often now, sorry wasn't able to post comment, but I do read it.

    Clai - Thanks for liking it! Hehe really? I already posted it na! Thanks for the comment!

    Maggie - Oo naman sis, tanda ko pa yun no. Hehe.Oo nga, soon magmemeet din tayo. hehe Ikaw din! Thanks ha!

    Jonna - Miss your blog!Thanks for vsiting my blog no matter how busy you are. I'm excited na on your new post!

    Glen - Hehe I will post soon! Request mo e' haha.

    Valerie - Yes she is! Thanks for dropping by!


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