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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lime Crime Great Pink Planet

While thinking of something to blog about, I remember that the last time I reviewed this lipstick from Lime Crime which I got free from Ms.Martha of TBJ, I did not post pictures of its swatches. So I decided to re-post it, now with pictures wearing it my lips.

This is my most expensive lipstick so far (though I got it for free). I mean, if you will see my lipstick collection, I only have lipsticks which price range are about 75 pesos to 300.00. So I am happy that I received this gift last year. Isn't it gorgeous?

I love the packaging of Lime Crime Lipsticks. They are in this cute milky pink sturdy tube with sparkly unicorn on it. So lovely.

Take note, this lipstick will turn 1 year old this December, but look! The tube still looks new!

The shade is in "Great Pink Planet".
Lime Crime is well known for its super opaque lipsticks.

I am not really a big fan of the shade. It suits those who have fair skin or Caucasians. But if you love Nicki Minaj, you will surely love this shade :)

Here's the swatch on my wrist. I really don't know why the blogger seems to sharpen the pictures. It looks like texturized tuloy :(

It is said to be that Pink Planet is a more toned version of the shade Countessa Fluorescent. It is a milky pink with a smidgen of lilac.

On lips:
LOL, this is actually me. Sorry for the mustache!

The lipstick is very opaque and pigmented.
A little goes a long way. But I have a hard time applying this on my lips because it streaks a bit. It's creamy but you have to moisturized and exfoliate before using this lipstick. The lipstick has vanilla scent which is super yummy. But it doesn't taste delicious though, and it feels a little bit waxy.

I think this cost around P700+. You can try the other colors such as Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent and Retrofuturist.

And that's it.
How bout you guys, do you have Lime Crime Lipstick too?
What shade?

Happy weekend.
Thank you!


  1. I've never purchased this brand of lipstick before but I've been tempted to many times. I feel like they have too many colors that are not suitable for daily wear :P haha

  2. i heard that the red one is really nice and all shades are pigmented :D i thought they were cheaper ^^ sayang :)


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