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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do I have enough makeup skills?

Last May 4 I was asked by a friend to do her makeup for a wedding. There is also a friend of hers who wants me to do her makeup. I know I am not professional in such thing, but I am very happy when someone put trust on me doing her makeup for special occasion of her life.

We were in a hurry that time since I only have 45 minutes to do their makeup and hair.
That's why I ended up with this look:

Here is ate jean with just foundation on.

And here she is after.
Sorry, I wasn't able to picture the look close up. We were really in a hurry that time.
Ate Jean wants her hair down, so I just made a water fall braid (I know you can't see it in the picture)
But here's how it loos like:

And here is Jennifer before:
Jen already has flawless skin. She really is so pretty!

 And here they are after 3 hours.
What I did on Jen's hair is the criss-cross hair that looks like this:
 I learn this from Lilithmoon on youtube.

I used affordable makeup such as:
Ever Bilena BB Cream (review soon)
MaybellineClear Smooth All in one Foundation
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Pencil (review soon)
Yves Rocher Mascara (as eyeliner)
Maybelline Stiletto Waterproof Mascara (review soon)
Shawill Eyeshadow (review soon)
Sophie Martin Lipstick in Mango Peach  (Jean's lips)
Sophie Martin Lipstick in Ice Pink (Jen's lips)
Sansan Blush (Rose and Peach)
Artist Studio Brushes / Mariounnaud Brushes

And that's it.
Let me know your thoughts if I did a good job by commenting below.


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  1. All your models look very lovely =D

  2. galing naman! you turned their faces look smaller! did you just use contour or what? :)

  3. @Jen - Hi there! Thanks for paying a visit to my profile!
    @Lav - Yes I did contour them by using Elf bronzer. Thanks sis!

  4. Great job sis! :) Actually I think once you're already good in shaping the brows, legit make-up artist ka na. :) and from the first time I read your blog, the first thing I noticed is how you do your brows so well. I think I'll try to do the criss-cross hair too. it looks really elegant. :)

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