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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Say goodbye to dry face!

Dry, flaky skin? 
That has been my problem since I started using the Maxi Peel Exfoliant Solution for my skin breakout (will do a separate post). Yes, if you are using an exfoliant solution, skin dryness is your enemy. Since you can't apply makeup when you have dry skin, cause it will only exaggerate the flakiness, I found the solution to such dilemma.

Though sunblock cream from Maxipeel can help the dryness, I want a moisturizer that I can put before I go to sleep. Since other moisturizers are expensive, as I am walking around at Watson's, i decided to pick this MYRA-E Moisturizer.

Myra Moisturizer P74.00
The Myra-E moisturizer comes in three variants the Myra Moisturizer, Myra Daily Sun Protect,
and Myra Vita White moisturizer.

With regards to its packaging, the front box contains the name and content of the product.

On the side of the box you will see the direction for use and manufacturer.

On the lower part of the other side of the box is its 
ingredients, expiration date and lot no.

The back part of the box detailed the effect of the product.
Is it really a non-greasy formula? Check on the pictures below.

Here's how the product look like.

This one comes with the red cap.
The product itself also contains all the information that the user needs to know.

How the moisturizer looks like?

aw, freckles at the back of my hand!!
As of its consistency, as you can see in the picture. This one is a bit thinner than the sun protect (which has SPF). It has a watery'ish texture.

Upon blending, it feels like a gel or a serum but it needs two to five minutes to really absorb in the skin.

I dom't know why but my hand looks so texturized in this photo.

When absorbed, it doesn't feel sticky or heavy. You can feel that your face becomes soft and supple.

I use this before I go to sleep and before I put my makeup on (which also serves as my primer).
It doesn't break me out and when I wake up in the morning, I don't have any grease or oil on my face. It just a soft and supple skin!

Do I recommend this? YES! I recommend this to all of you. A moisturizer is really an important product since I can feel that the weather is getting colder na. YES! Finally!  So yeah, if you are looking for affordable moisturizer, grab one from MYRA-E moisturizers!

Coming up review : 
Stay tune!


  1. Nung student pko, Love ko Myra-E, but now nag-iba ung effect nya skin.. Iba-iba tlaga effectiveness ng products depends on skintypes. I'm using HBC line. Try mu din and give some reviews..

    Thrifty Sister,

  2. That reminds me. I should probably pick this up next time maka.punta ako ng mall. The last bottle of this that I had lasted for months. Tagal tlga na.ubos. Sulit na sulit. :) I used to mix this up with foundation to make my own tinted moisturizer.


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