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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gift from an Ex-Lover

Hi there, I'm just going to showcase my pasalubong from my tita ( she was my tito's ex-girlfriend).Hehe, not my ex-lover no. LOL ^^
Gonna share to you the story thou, when she and my tito we're together, (I was like 10 palang noon) and we are very close to her, she stayed on our house for few months, she cooked for us and she even do the laundry (funny thing is, maski yung malilinis na damit nalalabhan nya) she is so masipag! She knows well how to make 'pakisama' sa amin. She's from Mindoro, she brought me there when I was 12 and I stayed there for almost a month. Aw days went so fast, it's been almost 10 years na pala. To make the story short, unfortunately, di sila nagkatuluyan ng tito ko. Sometimes, things don't work ouut. Well at least now, they both have their own family na, pareho pa nga silang may 2 kids na (a girl and a boy). Nevertheless, we should always keep on moving in life.
So, she has 20 day vacation here, and despite of the past, still, we have good communication pa din, thanks to facebook! So here's my pasalubong from her.

Zara lang yung paper bag, hehe sorry nagusot na :D

2 perfumes, actually those candies from Mark & spencers are 3 platics, my nephew already ate the  2, snickers (my fave!) and break chocs (nakain na rin yung 2) hehe

Sobrang tipidng mark& spencers sa labeling ng product ang liliit ng sulat.
this is for nanay,

I dunno if it is replica of Raph Lauren's blue perfume,  but whatever it is, it is so mabango!
Love the bottle too!

White Mush of Body Fantasies hehe may pangalan ko pa talaga
Sobrang bango neto, pero di sya masakit sa ilng, sobrang soft lang nya at nakakafresh talaga! Using this everyday at work! :)

I wil be doing a review about the 2 perfumes, and that will be the first time na magrereview ako ng perfume, mahirap yatang magdescribe ng 'smell' ng perfume. haha

That's all for today!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. sweet naman po ng ex ng tito mo :) hahaha i thought ex lover mo po. :D

    1. Haha no dear! Gonna whisper something "wala pa kong ex bf na nagregalo ng ganyan, mga kuripot sila!" nyahahaha! :D

  2. masarap yang break.. yum yum hihi chocoholic

    1. Oo nga sis! Masarap nga sya! Di nakakasawa, I was eating that when I was watching zombies. lol XD. You love chocolates too? Same here! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. hello dear! how have you been? i hope you're having a good time. btw, i just nominated you :) please check out my latest entry. i st think you deserve it! thank you. xo-jonna-xo

    1. Wow, thank you! You touched my heart in a very simply way! This will be my very first nomination (parang famas lang) hehe. Don't worry if I have enought time, I'll be doing the same post. Thank you Jon :) Mwuah!

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