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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vegetarian Nails

Hello there sweeties! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am so busy at work dahil lagi na akong nasa field this past few days. And it was nakakapagod. So here's my NOTD last first week of January.

These are the polishes that i used:

More Pictures so you'll get the idea how i achieved this design:

I'm afraid to try the crack nail polish, I dunno why pero feeling ko hindi sya bagay saken. haha.
That's all for now Sweeties!
Long weekend ahead, hope you'll enjoy it!



  1. Oh my word! You're an artist! This looks way, way waaaay much better than what a crackling nail polish delivers! do more nail art designs soon! ^_^



    1. Oh, thank you so much Ms.Iya! nakaka over-whelmed naman po ang comment ninyo.Thank you so much! I do have a lots of nail arts on my facebook account. But i'll be trying to make a video tutorial too so i can post it here in my blog. Have a great Weekend Ms.IYa!

  2. Hi ate :D ang galing mo :D makikita jan na sobrang tyaga mo pag ako kahit isang kulay lang di ko kaya ang panget ng labas pag ako lang gagawa sa sarili ko. haha. ang cute. :)

  3. Salamat tintin :) I've been hooked to this thing for almost a decade na. haha ewan ko ba. Kapag gusto mo talaga, matututo ka. hehe Thanks sis!


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