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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trees and Breeze

Hello there! Here's another NOTD of mine, thanks to the holiday (yesterday) I was able to change my nail polish. I'll make this post short, and share the pictures so you'll have the idea on how i did this one. Hope you like it sweeties!

 First, choose your desired color and do this french tips.
2nd, with your black polish, swipe two stripes on the sides tips of your nails. (Here's the link on how to have a thinner brush So you don't have to buy for that thin brush (save some bucks ladies!).
 Here's how it looks like in close-up.
 Afterwards, choose your second color and repeat the 2nd step.
Here i chose the color yellow.
 I try this brush that i bought from a bookstore, it cost around 7 pesos yata, and okay naman sya thou mejo stiff nga lang yung brush. 
 Then you can add some dots using your desired color to make it more colorful.
 Here's another shot. Chinese New year has nothing to do with it, it just so happen that this nail design use to be colorful. hehehehe

I took a shot with B and W format. and it went nice. hehe 

Finally, I am into making fansigns so here's what i did after doing my nail art (sorry more pictures)

Ang crush ko sa si MG. hahaha

That's all for now!
Hope you like it.



  1. I'd love to have your height Jen! :) Then again, gotta work with what I have. I love your hands and nails, it looks very womanly and graceful! Caronia should hire you to be their hand model ( lots of money earned for hand models ). ^_^ I also try to wear somewhat loose tops too 'coz i'm thin but not too loose coz too much of it will make me look thinner and smaller. hehe..lets meet up sometime! :)



    1. Too much compliments Ms.Iya! hehe Thank you! If only I could, if there's an opportunity, I'll grab it! (Is there a way ba? hehe)
      Well it doesn't matter if petite or matangkad tayo, what important is, we can carry ourselves. Right? Wow! I would love to see you in personal Ms.Iya! You're so kind! Thank youuu!!

  2. Would love to meet you in person too Jen! ^_^ Regarding your question, wearing high waist pants/shorts/skirt is totally ok and tucking the shirt in your pants/shorts. For pants, be careful of big buttons or extreme detailing, it could make petite frames look smaller same goes for shorts; as for skirts, be sure that the silhouette is a-line and lastly, stick to neutrals/pastels and if you wanna wear prints, stick to small prints, bigger prints and louder colors can look a bit overwhelming for petite frames like us! :)



    1. Sige po, kapag available po kayo let's meet sometime! Thanks for the tips Ms.Iya!

  3. I love the way you did your polish!
    You're so creative :D

    I never have the patience to do my nails like this
    I can barely wait for one or two coats of polish to dry! >_< lol


    PS: Nice blog hun!!

    1. Thanks Ms. Dana!! Indeed, when it comes to designing our nails, it takes a lot of patience and practice. Thanks for appreciating my design! And my blog too.Thanks for dropping bye! - Jen

  4. Replies
    1. Pwedeng pwede, basta dun ka sa likod at wag kang malikot. hehe muah!

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