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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I nailed it 12 - Wild Nails

Hi guys! I have a lot of drafts that aren't finished yet! Lazy me! Blame it on the weather! haha So I just wanted to share with you my Nail arts that I did last year. 
Here's the collection of my zebra-ic, animalistic prints (ano daw?).

First is this pink panther:

I used Caress white polish as my french tips, then used the Sassy Nail art brush to create the design so approximately you can finished this nail-art within 20 minutes, both right and left hands.
 Second is Green Algae (may maititle lang)

Ugly feet of mine. I blurred it for the sake of my blog. haha
Third is Lady Leopard;

This design is a super crazy easy thing to do, just randomly put horizontal thick lines on both sides of your nails, get your sharpie tools like pusher or toothpick and run it through it. And Voila!

4th was Zebra Queen:
My nails are too long here!

This is the usual zebra design. Sorry for the not-so-gorgeous- zebra prints, I didn't use any special brushes to came up with the design, I just used the normal brush of the nail polish.
And that's it! Hope you like them and somehow I gave you additional ideas if you are about to do your nails now! Have a happy Thursday everyone!

Thank you!
JENNY! rawr!

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