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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I won: Firmoo Eyeglasses from LoveandElegance Giveaway!

Hi guys! Just wanted to mention here that I've won another pair of eyeglasses
from Firmoo courtesy of Love and Elegance!
She informed me that I won on her giveaway, so Yeeehah! T
hanks Emmerey!

Photo Credits to LoveandElegance
FYI, this is my second win on firmoo eyeglasses. Are you interested on what eyeglasses did I choose? Well, even if you're not interested, still, I am going to share it to you. hehe

Photo Credits to

Yes, I decided to chose this one because it is Unisex, since my brother keep on asking me if I can give it to him (which is of course I will not!), I go with the black one so he can borrow it to me sometime.  I don't know if when it will arrived, since I need to wait for Firmoo's email and I need to wait again for the long process of shipping.

Here's the first one the I've chose, a Titanium prescription glass for Tatay, Sana dumating na siya!

Well, I should be patient right? Of course I am. I am too excited lang kasi to received it. Since I haven't received yet the first one.  But I will post it immediately once I received it.

So how bout you guys, have you won FIRMOO eyeglasses too? How it is? Share it to me through comments!

Have a nice day!

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  1. WOw. you won twice! How do you do that?

    I Can't even win a single give-away I join in.


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