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Monday, June 11, 2012

Online Haul - Astra Bag from The Bag Department

I've been looking for affordable satchel bag online. I told myself that I am going to buy one if it will cost around 600-700 pesos. I wanted to have one, not for "porma" purposes but, I need a bag which is quite big and have enough space for documents (for work purposes). And finally I saw this online shop at Multiply named "The Bag Department". They are on "Back to School" Sale and this bag caught my attention. Really love at first sight. And because of the promising description of the bag, It sold me out!

Price: P600.00 (on sale original price at P1,200)
Bought: Online (The Bag Department at Multiply)
Shipping Fee: Free (+P28.00)

What they say about the bag:

So, I grabbed the chance after knowing that it was originally price at P1000+, and it is now P600 only! Such a steal right?? I made the payment on Monday (Jun 4) and The BD messaged me saying that I'll received the bag after 3-5 days since I am in provincial area (Rizal). But I was surprised that it arrived home last Friday (June 8) so it only accumulated 2 days.

And here's my package:
Sent thru LBC! Suki na!
So nice to know that they treat my package as FRAGILE.
A sweet message from The Bag Department. (Sorry, I don't have a good camera to take the shot)
The message:
Thank you for your purchase.
We hope you enjoy using your bag for years to come.
To get updates on our new designs and promos like us on Facebook.

Your friends from The Bag Department
The Astra Buckle Handbag in Pink
TBD tag. So cute, I'll keep this as remembrance!
This is how it looks like inside, it does not have lot's of compartments but it has enough space for my documents, umbrella and grooming kit!
It has magnetic snaps, too bad, it has stained (has iron stain inside it). :(
But still it is cute! Specially the pink and long bag strap!
And one more thing, thou it is a "fragile" item, the bag has been deformed during the transit. :( I think I need to load it up until it becomes bulky so the dented area will soon disappear, but I am afraid to do that because I found out that the handle's stitch were too thin and weak. I should not load it with heavy stuffs inside.

You can barely see the dented area on the bag because of the low resolution of the picture, but in personal you can see it obviously.
The bag strap is adjustable.
Another funny thing, when they sent me my tracking number (via XEND), this is what I saw when I tracked my item. LOL:
I was totally laughing when I saw my misspelled surname. But it's okay, I've been into this thing since when I was in grade school, my teachers and classmates always misspelled and mispronounced it. So not a big thing.

Verdict on the bag?
I used it last Sunday, I loaded it with my umbrella, small bible, song book and 2 thin magazines. And upon checking it, I saw that the bag strap handle's stitches aren't good (too thin) so it is not advisable to put and loaded lots of stuffs inside. And also, they said that the bag is made up of Sustainable Smooth Bonded Lambskin, Thick and Sturdy Material, but I disagree, because the bag is too light in weight and has low quality. :(
Just wanted to be true here, I am a bit disappointed, I've been purchasing online for almost 5 times, and this happen to be the disappointing one.

I already noted it to them, the issue about the bag (the deforming and stained on magnetic snap) and this what they told me:

Hi Jen! We are sorry to hear about the package getting deformed during transit. We hope you will accept our apologies along with a special voucher worth Php200 which you can use in our multiply store. To avail yourself of this discount, just enter 200OFF under discount code at checkout. Voucher is valid until July 10, 2012. Thank you and again, apologies for what happened. :) 

Nonetheless, I still love the bag. And I am thankful to The Bag Department for asking for an apology and giving me a special voucher.
Sana lahat ng sellers online,ganito yung attitude, na after you received the product you ordered from them, and found out that there's something wrong with it or any defects, hindi ka nila tatakbuhan or they not going to ignore your complaints. So still, thank you The Bag Department for the smooth transaction!

Lesson Learned,

Wag padala sa love at first sight. hehe.

That's all!
Thank you for reading guys!
Thank you to holiday din today I am able to make this post dahil wala akong pasok sa work until tomorrow.

Ooops, but a thing surprises me today! I won another promo / contest from Multiply shop! Will post it soon!



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