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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Garnier Pure Active Micro-Scrubs

Cost: P150
Bought: Free 
(Watson's and other Leading Supermarkets)
Content: 100ML
Status: A Must Have

Hi guys. So this is part 2 of my experience in using Garnier Pure Active Scrub which I've got for free (from Shensaddiction). 
I truly need almost 2 months before I was able to make a post about it, so I can give a fair critique with the product.

The Packaging:
Just like the other Garnier products, it comes in a tube. All the information about the product (both in Indonesian and English language), the ingredients, benefits, and etc. were written on the tube.

Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub with Purifying Salicylic Acid + Herba Repair which is said to be a powerful ingredients to fight the pimples!

The Product:
With a thick texture, just like other exfoliating products, it contains micro-scrubs. But in my opinion, a far softer than the Pond's scrub, it doesn't irritate my skin after all. It has a refreshing smell.

Here' s how the scrub looks like.
A pea amount is enough to clean your face and your neck.

Can you see the blue micro scrubs? I bet you, they will not hurt your face. It is foamy :)

Oh by the way, just like what I promised to you guys, I have here some photos of Before and After using Garnier Micro Scrub and Garnier Cooling Roll on:

Whoa guys, because of you I am brave enough to upload this picture of mine! For the blog sake!

 Sorry, this picture was taken last month, using secondary camera on my cellphone. See how it gradually disappeared.


The Verdict:
I myself, love the product. Not because it was given to me FREE but I am saying this base on my observation and how my face reacted on the product. It leaves my skin oil-free but not the drying type. (I am currently using Maxi Peel exfoliate too, so my skin tends to get super dry pero even if I am using Garnier, hindi sya nagdry.) My skin feels soft. And guess what, It doesn't break me out(Unlike the P***s scrub) which I found out that this kind of product really suits my need and it is really a MUST HAVE.

To be fair, I still have some pimples coming out on my face (a one or two), it doesn't mean naman na pag gumamit ka nito it will automatically stop  all the pimples from coming out, but for sure it will make it lesser, fewer and will dry the pimples out. Consistency is the key I think (Specially in a sensitive and acne-prone face like me), use this every morning and before you go to sleep.

Still this is one of the best facial scrubs I have ever tried. And in case I empty the tube, I'll definitely purchase a tube again! So I am strongly recommending this to those girls who has acne-prone skin like me, try it and see it for yourself!
Thanks again to Ms.Shen and GarnierPh.!

Garnier also have whitening lotions, lightening creams, face powder, toners and others.

I am not paid nor sponsored by the said product to make this review. All the things that I have stated above are base on MY OWN Observations  and HONEST Opinions.

Hope this will help you if you are deciding to try the Garnier Pureactive.

Thanks for reading!


  1. the "anti-imperfection" claim is a bit too much, don't you think? Anyway, I wish theses comes in sachets so I can try it out first. :(

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