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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Personal: JULY, why u so not good to me?

It's July na! Hmm, it is just an ordinary month for me thou this is my birth month. Well nothing special.

I thought there is a reason for me to be excited since I've been waiting for this month to come since January. Wanna know why? I will mention it later.

Anyway, the first 2 days of the month has been a very sad day for me. Our dad, left us again to work abroad at Middle East. We sent him to Airport last Monday, I filed Vacation Leave at work to make it sure that I will be with him on his last day here. He has been working abroad for almost 9 years. Thou sanay na kami, pero iba yung naging feeling kahapon. Last time kasi na umalis sya was 2009, then after the recession sa company na pinasukan nya before, he stayed at home for more than a year na unstable ang trabaho. Why is it so hard kasi to look for work here sa Pilipinas? Sarili mo pang bansa ang gugutom sayo. Nagwork si papa as call center agent last year pero di kinaya ng health nya yung sched since graveyard sya, lagi syang inaatake ng high-blood. So for mean while, balik muna sya as part time driver o kaya technician. (I told ya, we ain't rich). And since hindi rin naman enough yung earnings ko sa job ko at job nya para sa monthly bills like, electric bill, water bill, internet bill at kung anu ano pa, he knows that he need to find a stable job. Since dad is a spiritual person, he does not want to be away from us so he can monitor our spiritual health. Pero, there's no chance na makahanap ng trabaho here sa Pinas so he tried to applied abroad. And  ayun, hopefully nakahanap ulit. He will work there as a Technician.

It's been a sad day yesterday. When we were waiting outside the NAIA, I told mom na di ako iiyak, pero nung 3 ocloc'k na at pumasok na si papa sa Departure area, suddenly tears fall down. Nakasilip pa ko non sa salamin, and I waved my hands to papa while crying (buti nalang nakatalikod ako sa mga tao). Aww, teka ano ba yan, pati tuloy ngayon naiiyak ako. Haha! I don't want to take a look at mom, kasi umiiyak na sya bago pa ko. You know the feeling, when someone needs to sacrifice for you, bagong culture, foods, beliefs will surround him, just for the sake of us. I know he doesn't want to be away from us, pero it's the only way para naman mabuhay kami.

I just shared this with you guys cause I want the world to know that I love my father. I really Love him. Kahit na strict siya as in super duper!!

Anyway here are some of the pictures yesterday:
Isn't it obvious?? It seems like it was very hard for them to smile.

Moi, Papa, Mama and Bunso.

(You might notice that I have dewy and lighter face here, that's the effect of Maxi Peel. Less Acne too!)

It was a hot noon the moment we left home. Pero when we reached Naia, rain started to fall.

Then after that we went to Pavillion mall at Crossing and ate at Mang Inasal, we also bought some affordable stuff inside the mall, will post it tomorrow.

Moi and dad during the small gathering at home. Kiss!! I dyed his hair  on this pic, I'll post a review about it too soon!

. . . . . . . . . . .

And yeah, about the thing that I mentioned above, someone promise me kasi na this month, magpapakita na daw sya saken. I mean one of the authors ng favorite kong site (smile if you know him). And he even told me na sila daw apat e may gift saken on my birthday, thou I don't want to take it seriously, dahil laging nagjojoke lang yung Guy na yon saken, pero he make a PROMISE e' syempre mejo umasa na din ako. I know it may sound shallow to you pero I know there are some of you who knows the story behind this.

Then yun nga, he told me na di na daw yun matutuloy. He has something to attend on that day. And he actually denied that he is one of the authors of the site. I was like, Whoa? After all?? After almost half year of the communication , you are going to tell me na fake ka? Na di ka author? How come. Parang bigla akong nagburst, yung inis at galit dahil you know to yourself that they are actually LYING to you. I don't know the real reason, kung pakulo lang nila yun to ran away from their promise o sadyang malakas lang silang magtrip. Sigh. . . . I really don't know. Nakakadisappoint lang to know na biglang magsu-subside yung eagerness mong makita at makilala sya in personal.
Well somehow, kung tototohanin man niya/nila o hindi, it's okay. Nothing will change. I will still pay a visit everyday on their site. Since I've been an avid reader of it for more than a year now. I should have not expect anything from them since they can still be considered as STRANGERS.

And that's it. The first two days of this month has been not good to me. Or siguro nakakadagdag lang ng lungkot yung ambiance. Maulan, nakakaantok, nakakatamad.

Masyadong emotional ang post na ito. As if na may makarelate at may makaappreciate na magbasa. Haha. Whoever you are, na nagbabasa nito, Thank you Dear!


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  1. Ganda ng maxi-peel sayo. I like it. You look glowing.


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