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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Careline Powder Eyeshadow in Vanilla

Here's a review about Careline Eyeshadow Powder in Vanilla.
I used to have this last 2010. So it's been with me for more than 2 years.
I am not sure if it still available though I do believe that it now comes with the trio eyeshadow..

So let's talk about this product:

Cost: P80.00
Where: Watsons

I really like the packaging of the product kasi it does not make any fallout. 

 it has its own applicator.
 You just have to pinch the two sides to open it.
 Here's how it looks like.
It's been 2 years na pero still the product did not change.

Good points:

- Affordable :)
- Easy to use
- Pigmented
- Can be use in oh so many ways like:
Highlighter on:
Cupid's bow lips
Body shimmer
- You get a lot of product despite of it's cheap price.

Bad Points:


So here's some of my pictures when wearing this as highlighter:
 Used as highlighter on my browbone.
 As e/s and highlighter.

And that's it.
I know this post may not be helpful to you guys.
I just don't know what to post today even if I have tons of product that needs to be reviewed.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend!
Keep safe!



  1. Hala I hope this is still available. :) I'm using up all my white eyeshadow for highlight.!

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