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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Haul: Watsons Goodies!

Hi guys, good evening!
Aw, tomorrow is Monday and I'll be back at work.
I just had a great weekend , my two days had been filled spiritually.
Anyway here's my weekend haul from Watsons, I was about to buy lotion and Hair treatment pero take a look on the things that I've got:

 A full bag of Watson's goodies!

 And here's what Ive got!
Let's know much these were:
 Myra Daily Sun Protect with SPF 15 P49.00
(buy 1 take 1, if only I can use the other variants like the normal moisturizing and the whitening moisturizer, but I know, baka di ko sila magamit lahat). I really love it kapag may B1T1 ang Watson's!

I am planning to buy the Silk And Secret Hot Oil Treatment, pero hinatak na naman ako ng Red tags haha.
 Erth Origins Hot Oil Treatment in Apple for only P99.00 
(originally at P140+) 500grams
Sunsilk Straight Perfection Leave-on P54.00

 I already emptied the Block and White Lotion, so I decided to back with my all time favorite lotion.
Nivea Whitening Cell Repair P199.00
Oro Stockings P36.00

Sassy Nail Polish White and Black 17/each
I already did NOTW for this and I am going to post it very soon.
(Yeah, I still have lots of products na dapat ireview, sana sipagin talaga ako bago sila maubos) 

And pad para sa mga sugat na di gumagaling. haha! I forgot the cost of this one.

So that's it. I always pay a visit every week talaga sa Watson's and it's always worth it,

Total budget damaged: Less than 600.00
Switch and Save na talaga sa Watson's!



  1. hi ate Jen.. mukhang lagi kang nadalaw sa watson a hehe buti kapa.. hala gusto ko itry yung mrya e na sunblock :))))


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