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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My First Online Shopping at U.S through House of Flair

I'm not afraid of shopping online locally, since I am not using credit card or paypal (dahil wala naman ako nun), much safer kasi for me kung ang payment ay through bank deposits. And of course I always make sure that the seller is trusted. But I haven't tried shopping at U.S online stores, cause I know, I don't have paypal or mastercards, and I am just annoyed on how much the shipping fee they would cost me for just a pair of shoes. I remember last August, when I heard that Tilly' wass having it's clearance sale and I saw items there that cost $0.99 for accessories and $4.00 for a pair of flats, such a steal right? So I added items on my cart, and upon proceeding to checkout, I was kinda, Oh My Men! You know how much the shipping fee from U.S to Philippines, double the total amount of the items on my cart. I was really heartbroken by the S.F :(, but I'm glad that House of Flair  came to the rescue. Or should I call it a Hero? lol

Well, if you haven't heard anything about HOF here's some info about the store:

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"House of Flair is a Philippine-based business that allows Philippine residents to shop from their favorite USA online stores.

The House of Flair prides itself in being honest and trustworthy. Rest assured that all our products are ordered directly from USA online stores."

Ms.Suyen (owner of HOF) informed me that HOF can help me with my problem. And guess what, I only have to pay additional fees but not as much as what the site costs me. And I was literally shocked that the fees does not burn holes in my pocket.! So, last Thursday my package arrived! Wow! After almost 1 1/2 months of waiting finally, here comes my new babies!
"Don't be fooled by the box that I've got. . . gorgeous shoes are inside the box!"

 Amazing clothes inside :)

2 flats and 1 ultra high wedges!

SODA Crochet Espadrille Womens Shoes

SODA Secede Womens Shoes  

 DE BLOSSOM Olivia Womens Shoes 

Now on the clothes:

 FULL TILT Open Knit Womens Sweater 
Old price $22.99, Got it or only - $7.97

Back view
TEN-SIXTY SHERMAN Button Back Womens Tank 
Old price $21.99,  Got it or only- $4.99
(plus extra 50% off)

FULL TILT Open Weave Womens Boxy Sweater
Old price $24.99,  Got it or only - $7.97

FULL TILT Crochet Ethnic Print Skirt 
Old price $22.99,  Got it or only - $4.97
(plus extra 50% off)

So, did the HOF give me a fair amount for my total purchase?

To sum up the total, I only paid P2335.00, inclusive of US Sales Tax, US Shipping & Handling, US to Phil Shipping & Handling, Phil Customs Fees & HOF processing Fee. Isn't it great right? This is such an amazing purchased that I've ever did. lol. It is really worth the wait and all my items are in excellent condition, nothing has any defect or whatsoever. I am really really happy with my purchase. House of Flair is really a hero! For a budget conscious like me, HOF is really the answer if I wanted to buy something imported! Therefore I conclude, that HOF is truly a trusted store!

I just wanted to say Thank you to Ms.Suyen for the smooth transaction! I will surely do business with you soon!
Thanks for the free hand soap you included!

 If you wanted to order from U.S online shop but on a very tight budget House of Flair is ready to help you, you can visit it here:

Thanks for reading guys!
Have a nice day ahead!



  1. Ah that's nice!!! :) You got lots of cute stuff for a really good shipping price!

  2. Awesome finds girl! did the package arrive right at your doorstep or you had to get it in the post office? i had that problem before when things from the us are sent to me. :(

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  3. Reliable ka talaga sis sa mga tipid tips. Browsing no on their products! hehe.

    ღ Krizzia ღ

  4. Wow! You had an amazing deal! :) I love the tops that you purchased sis!


  5. wow this is one major major online shopping! super nainggit ako sa shoes.. especially sa wedge! and super tlga ang mga items! ang galing mo tlga mag.hanap ng bargain! kaso kung ganito, dapat daring ka rin tlga mag.order online noh? As for me, takot pa ako shopping.hehehe

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