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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Extinct Leopard

Here's another nail-art inspiration for you guys.
I decided to use the Bobbie Nail polish again and try if it will work with  my leopard print and I think it is.
I also reinvented the usual leopard print, I used different combination to make it more stand out. And here are the products that I used:

Sassy Nail Polish in White Satin (P17.00) as base
Sassy Nail Polish in Lime (P17.00) as leopard print
Bobbie Nail Polish in Patent Blue (P36.00) as leopard print outline
Caress Nail Polish in Colorless (P22.00) for top coat

As you can notice, the leonard print is somehow not well out-lined because I did not use any special brushes, I only used the ordinary dotter to draw prints.

 I named it Extinct Leopard simply because you cannot see such  real leopard print like this in real world.
Why not go for some funky and groovy colors instead of the usual brown combination?
 You can see that my ring finger is different from the others. Well, I just wanted some coolness. lol

I hope you like it guys!
Let me know through your comments if you find it nice.

Happy mid-week!


  1. very nice!!!

  2. This one's sooo cool! ^_^



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  3. super fierce sis! I'm not into nail art coz I can't maintain it but I like seeing it on other people. :) You can do a Christmas version of this. red and green naman.

  4. Hope you can already do reviews for those lippies on the most recent post. Hahaha, replace mo na lang when you get the new camera :P Excited. :D

  5. Perfect for your long nails dear. Very creative!

    ~ Sweetstrings

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