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Monday, December 10, 2012

My brace Journey : Activation

My Brace Journey : 31st Day, Activation

So, I already shared with you my first 30th day of having braces and it was actually okay. Doesn't hurt me that much nor makes me feel so uncomfortable. I am pretty much confident that during my activation (replacement of straight wire) it will not hurt too. Am I wrong? Well, before I have my braces, I've been reading a lot of experiences and most of them suffered from pain during every adjustments, that's why taking pain killers is needed. But some said the pain is tolerable. so if you have high pain tolerance, you don't have to take pain killers. So, I tell myself "Siguro di ko na kailangan ng pain killers. Masyado lang sigurong mababa yung pain tolerance nila". Aha, confident ang lola mo!

Then lat Saturday, December 1, that's my 31st day of having braces and my activation. Maybe some of you is not familiar with the term "activation", because Dentists have different procedures. During my installation of braces, my dentist put a temporary thin wire instead of the traditional arch wire. so during my activation, the thin wire which comes in an "8" figure has been removed and replace with the Round Arch wire.

" Round wires are obviously round in cross-section. Rectangular wires can be square or rectangular in cross section.
In the beginning stages of treatment, round wires are typically used to level and align the teeth. This is because when considering arch wires made from identical materials, round wires are more elastic and so the orthodontist will be able to engage all your teeth into the wire without popping off brackets. If he uses a wire that is too stiff and tries to tie the arch wire to a really crooked tooth, the wire will put too much pressure on the bracket, and the bracket may break off from the tooth." -

While the arch wire is being installed, I felt a little bit of tightness on my teeth  that I didn't feel when the thin wire was installed. The Elastic Ligature (round bands) were also replaced. And I went for "Violet". I don't know if it looks nice than the Turqoise, I just wanted to try all of the colors within the year. 

Elastic Ligature:These little rings, or colored modules, are used to attach the archwire to the brackets. There are plenty of colors to choose from including clear rings.

 So here's how it looks like:
 As you can see, my main problem is my front tooth, it is protruded. So my dentist told me that the treatment will just be within a year.

Sorry guys for the gross teeth, I really have yellowish teeth e. :(

After the activation, It feels good pa rin though there's a tightness on my teeth. The first 2 hours was just "easy". But then on the 3rd hour and beyond, I started to feel the pain. It's getting worse. Oh no! Eto na yata yung sinasabi nilang "crazy feeling". It was almost like nerve wracking pain! When I make a tight bite, firmly close my mouth, my teeth hurts. It's kinda itchy at the same time. "This is it! Ang feeling ay kay sakit!". Yung pain na nakakainit ng ulo. Nakakabwiset. Pero partida, while on my pain, I am actually formatting a pc (sideline! hahaha). Pero it doesn't stop me from eating. I still eat rice and chicken, but no biting. "Hinihimay himay ko muna yung ulam". During that night, natiis kong hindi uminom ng pain killer. But on the next day, it hurts pa rin. So I asked my brother to buy me Dolphenal. I took it before I sleep, and voila! When I woke up, there is only minimal pain. Effective! So today is my 4th day upon activation (35th day of wearing braces) and still there is a bit iof pain when I bump my lower teeth on my upper teeth. Tama ang sabi nila. During the first 2-3 days masakit sya, pero it will gradually change and the pain will slowly disappears.
My next visit will be on the end of the month which is on December 31st. I'll update yolu again guys on my second adjustment! Mabuhay ang may mga braces! At Welcome sa "Alambre World" sa mga newbies na kakakabit lang din ng braces nila! Tiis Ganda!

 First 30 days.

    As of now, December 10,2012 I don't feel any pain na :) 

Thanks for reading guys!

Do you have any suggestion for the color of Elatic Ligature?
Let me hear through your comments!

Love you guys!


  1. Sakin activated agad.. the first 2 hours ok lang pero nung ni try ko kumain.. my gosh! I can't bite.. :) What I hate naman is yung pinastaas yung bagang ko para ndi magdikit yung upper and lower teeth ko kasi pinpush nila yung isa't isa.. So lagi akong nakaopen mouth though Nakaclose yung lips.. Kangalay..

  2. i used to have brace back in highschol and reading this entry reminds me of tiis ganda

  3. I wanted to have braces so much in high school. I wonder why it was like a fad back then. Guess I was just too afraid to go to the dentist despite my currogated teeth. haha! Great blog, gurl. Followed you via gfc, hope you check out my blog and follow me too if you like :)


  4. OMG, when those metal place in my teeth, I'm happy but it's really painful. I can't eat! But now, I have a great teeth, thanks to my dental clinic Estetico Manila.

  5. Cristina J. HintonOctober 18, 2015 at 7:47 PM

    Thank you so much for this fantastic page, full of advice and tips about dental health that I will memorise back to front!

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