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Friday, March 22, 2013

Minute to Win it on Nivea Express Raider!

Hi guys! I am now officially back to blogging! March has been a good month for me. Though it was a busy month and the sudden change on weather, which I truly hate, there are some reasons why I still enjoy it. Just a week ago, I received a message and call from Nivea Philippines representative. I was chosen as one of the participants to Nivea Express Raid promo on facebook. I didn't expect that I will be chosen because I was thinking that my entry might get invalid because my receipt that I scanned and sent to them was almost torn apart and the print was fading. But then, it is still VALID! Wow! I've been dreaming to join that promo, I saw some of the bloggers who won the challenge.

To know more about the promo, check out Nivea's official facebook account here : .

So yesterday, at Uniqlo Mall of Asia branch, the raid was held. I need to absent to work because the raid was held Thursday. I accompanied my brother.

How the game is played? Here's how:
 We will be given 60 seconds to shop clothes that worth 24,000.00. But it's not that easy because of the Secret Task: "We need to shop summer wear wherein tops and bottoms should match. Total number of tops should be equivalent to total number of bottoms!" Dang! I thought it was easy but the Uniqlo is very huge shop! Just by transferring into another section will take 5 seconds. And when your nervous, it is really difficult!

Here's the pictures from Nivea Philippines:
See how big the Uniqlo is.

From Left to Right :  
Yen, Me, Hannah, Love and Klarisse were the raiders. One of us will win! Who will she be?

With Ms.Raisa Mislang, briefing us about the challenge.

 Uniqlo has wide range of summer clothings. The clothes are so expensive for me so it was my very first time to visit the shop through Nivea! 

And the game started, look at me caught on the act!

I only got few items, I am really bank and don't know what to pick. We need to remember the secret task, failure to do so, might cause me to lose.

Here is Klarisse, grabe di ko maisip na kaya nya yan in 1 minute!
During the first round, I think Klarisse got the most number of clothes and me thinks that she exceed the 24k limit.

We actually need to repeat the challenge. Because after they check our items, they found out that no one got the secret task. One almost got it but she mismatch one top. Hmmm, they also told us that the one who got the nearest chance to win was very fashionable on the clothes that she picked. I wonder who she is? They didn't announce it, but me think that it was me. Kapal lang? hehehe

So after repeating the challenge, finally, the winner has been announced. And she is . . . . . 

You rock girl! I wonder how she managed to get the tops and the bottoms with the same matching.
Pang universe daw ang reaction sabi ng Nivea. I agree! Lololol

I super envy her! Hehe

 But of course, Nivea and Uniqlo doesn't want us to go home with empty handed. The consolation prize to 4 girls were P2,000 gift certificate from Uniqlo.

Though I didn't win, I still enjoy the challenge. It was fun and super heart pumping! I wanna join again!
Here's me with the other girls before we go separate ways.

Nagsisisi pa rin ako  until now, I should went to neareast area kesa nagtatatakbo dun sa gilid. Hahaha! So bitter! But anyways, here's what I got from my consolation prize:
I shop 5 pieces of clothes, 3 of it were on sale.

Shorts P390.00 on sale

Scoop Next shirt from their Airism line, P590.00

Premium Cotton Crew Nect 3/4 Sleeve P390.00 on sale

V - Neck Relax Sweater (for mom) P390.00 on sale

Men Shirt on sale P295.00 (for my brother)

I did enjoy it! The Nivea Staffs were so kind. It was a nice experience!So thank you so much Nivea, Ms.Raisa, Stef, Deb and others.

Congrats to Love and to other girls that I met.

And that's it. You guys also have the chance to win as express raider. Just check on Nivea Philippines facebook account to know more.

Have a nice day!


  1. Though you're not the winner, still best experience..♥ I love nivea so much.

    Where ka sa Rizal?


  2. OMG! you were a winner already cause you were so lucky to be one of Nivea's choices to join their game! :)

  3. Ang lucky mo talaga sa mga ganyan. ;)

  4. These are great stuff! You’re still lucky kahit consolation lang :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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