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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review : Jewel Pop Mineral Foundation

In this review, I am going to share with you my thoughts about the Jewel Pop Mineral Foundation. If you haven't heard about the Jewel Pop Cosmetics, here's a short information about them:
"JEWEL POP! Mineral Cosmetics are made from natural and organic materials that are US-FDA approved. All ingredients were sourced from US and Australia. Products are guaranteed safe, even on extra-sensitive skin. No bismuth, F,D & C pigments, parabens, and talc".

I notice that I only have 2 posts reviewing about powder foundation. So I am very glad when I received this mineral foundation as GIFT from this HAUL.
I haven't tried any product from them so I am very happy when they sent me a sample of their foundation. Since, I only have 2 to 3 posts about foundation, I decided to add this to my list.
Jewel Pop Mineral Foundation comes in this small round tube.
This is how the product looks like.
The powder may look not so fine in the picture but it is very fine in person.
It may look lighter than my complexion, but upon application it somehow a bit darker than my skin tone.

Here's the swatch of the powder at the back of my hand.

On my face:
Left picture is me with just Ever Bilena BB Cream, on the right side is me wearing the mineral foundation on top of EB BB Cream.
I really love how it refine my pores!

Powder is very fine
Easy to blend
It hides my big pores
Smooth on skin
It has super tiny shimmers

The ugly truth:
It oxidize
It doesn't stay long on my face
It doesn't work on oily skin
The scent of the powder is a little weird
Mineral foundation is very messy to use (as general)

Methinks that the powder will work for those who have dry skin. I really like the texture and how it smoothen my face and the fact that it makes my pores less visible. But it doesn't work for me specially when I layer it, it has tendency to get cakey. Nonetheless, I am still going to keep this foundation. I am planning to use this to my clients which has dry skin.

 Thank you Smoochie's for sending this to me.


  1. hi..very nice review...follow me on bloglovin and GFC i will follow u back...keep in touch

  2. This won't work for me too as I need foundation for oily skin. :(

  3. this looks like an interesting product to try. thanks for the review!


  4. Hi jen. This is good, but might not want to try this, I have oily skin too!

    Anyway, come visit and join my birthday giveaway with HBC products..



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