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Friday, June 14, 2013

Up to 50% OFF on Pretty Thrifty Shop on June 15!

Hello Everyone! Happy Weekend!
Just a little announcement, our shop, Pretty Thrifty Shop is having a BIG SALE tomorow, June 15, 2013.

Here's the list of the products that will be on sale:

Almay lipstick 10% off
 Almay Mascara 10% off
Almay eyeliner 10% off
CG Mascara 15% off
CG Eye brightening Eyeshadows 15% off
 CG Trio - Eye Enhancers Eyeshadows 15% off
CG Eye Enhancers Single Eyeshadows 20% off
 CG two tone Shadow Blast green/brown 20% off
 CG Eye brightening Eyeliner 20% off
 Loreal Eyeliner and lipliner 20% off
All foundation and loose powder 25% off
CG lipstick 50% off
CG Outlast nail polish 15% off
Wet n Wild eye liner 20% off (from 99.00 to 79.00)
Wet n Wild lipliner 20 percent off (from 99.00 to 79.00)
wet n wild Nail Polish buy 1 get 2nd 15 percent off

Reminder : All of the products are not yet onhand, but it was already shipped yesterday from U.S and it will arrive on  second week of July 2013.

Since the product is not yet onhand, we only require 40% downpayment for your total orders, then the 60% upon arrival of the product.

All of the products have no damage nor discontinued. We bought it at regular price and very well picked.

I hope you guys can check it out.

The sale will start tomorrow JUNE 15, 2013.

Thak you so much!
Enjoy the weekend!

Stay safe and dry loves!

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  1. Does the water come from Figi? If so, the Figians have chosen to sell their water at some price. If they feel as though they are not appropriately compensated for the sale of their water, they should increase the price. The access to clean water on Figi has little to do with their sale of clean water to the world market.


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