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Friday, May 15, 2015


I haven't read any review about Mr.Jewels' store, so this post will serve as one, which will guarantee that the shop is legit and 100% trusted.

Le Bf, is planning to buy an engagement ring. The proposal was ain't a surprise anymore. I was actually thinking of getting an authentic diamond, pero since pratical na dapat ngayon we opted for this silver ring with high quality cubic zirconia, mawala man o masira hindi ka iiyak ng dugo. Hehehe.

So after searching the internet for so many days, I cannot find any review about Mr.Jewels but methinks that the store is legit and trusted because I have seen their sulit page (olx now) before they have a lot of positive feedback from their clients so le bf and I decided to make our first jewelry purchase at Mr.Jewels.

They offer meet-up and shipping. Since the schedule didn't permit us to meet the seller, bf decided to have it shipped. And after a day I received the ring in my office.

Here's how it looks like on their olx account:


And here's how it looks like person:

(Note : Pictures below were captured using my smartphone, quality may differ on the above photos)

I love the packaging and the color :)

 It's a vintage solitaire silver ring with Top grade Cubic Zirconia Diamonds.

The ring is very shiny in person. I have to turned off the flash so the shine on ring will not reflect in picture.

The diamond is colorless and looks very expensive in person.

 I finally know now the beauty of cubic zirconia. I fell inlove after wearing and seeing it in person for the first time and of course the thought that I am now engaged.

The ring is actually in size 6 so they have to resize it to 5 since I'm size 5. Resizing is FREE! Yey!

Taken with flash. Isn't it pretty?

Here is a short video of the shiny shimmering ring.

I think the feeling would still be the same even if he gave me a genuine diamond. For me, it doesn't matter if the ring is expensive or not, what really matter is that, we love each other. I am not against with those guys who can give expensive engagement ring, we can also afford one but we decided to go for affordable ring since we can use the money for more important things.

Thank you Mr. Jewels for this pretty ring! I love it very much.

Mr.Jewels' sells genuine engagement diamond rings and wedding rings and other jewelries, you can approach them through facebook , sms or their official website.


  1. Wow congrats jenny! well, dapat nga naman tlga praktikal today

  2. Glad we made you Happy & wishing the best for you lovely couple!

    M.R. Jewels

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