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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beware - Hackers are everywhere!

Last Saturday, one of my favorite blog, ( has been hacked. Their official blog, facebook fan page and twitter account were all hacked by this hacker named "Majinboo". I really don't know the whole story, we were just informed by the Authors of that their accounts had been hacked. They already have more than 60,000 fans and they brought a lot of joy and inspiration to their readers. thou sometimes they used to give comments/critics about politics, some of the readers concluded that it was the main reason why their accounts had been hacked. (Well, it was just a conclusion). The 4 authors, naming Boss Chip, Bunso, Manong Guard, and Kulturantado are now trying to recover the stolen files / posts from the hacker.

I felt so bad for them because they almost reach the 2nd year of posting funny, humorous, intriguing, hilarious and inspiring "pabasa" for their readers. I even had the chance to chit-chat with the authors at their Chatbox (but so sad, even the chatbox has been hacked and it is now moderated by the so called hacker 'Majinboo"). I am inspired on most of their posts because I feel that they're type of the persons who are very much concern about what is happening to our daily lives. Every time that i have the spare time at work, I use to visit their page and it was fun reading it cause all their "pabasa" are humorous.

So why did I make a post about it, because I am very much concern about the other bloggers. Maraming tao ngayon ang inggitero kaya gumagawa sila ng bagay o nagnanakaw sila even ng mga 'sites'. So if you are a reader / subscriber of, please UNLIKE the old page and REPORT it, by this way we can help the authors. Here is the new Facebook Account of

Maging maingat sana lahat, maging ikaw man ay isang blogger, facebook user, twitter user, or  ng any other social networking sites. Be a responsible user, and learn how not to share the important information of yourself to those whom you didn't actually know, that's the importance of PRIVACY settings right? And to make sure that you only share your pictures, please do change its settings too so only close friends of yours can access/ see it. At kung hindi naman kinakailangan i-add ang isang friend request much better kung iIGNORE nalang ito. Mas makabubuting maging maingat kaysa manghinayang sa dami ng magiging friend mo sa isang social networking site. Dobleng ingat lang mga sweety.

Here's also the new blog of, they are now working for their new site. And they promise us giving this words " In less than 2 years, received more than 60,000 like on Facebook. And reached the average of more than 500,000 page loads every month. The support from loyal readers is what drives us to fight for this site. Pag balik ng, mas matigas sa bakal, mas matibay sa bato, mas matatag sa isang blokeng simento."

Maghihintay ako sa panibago nilang site :) At kahit na may umagaw pa sa dati nilang site, alam ko na dadami ulit ang "likers" ng fb account nila at di magtatagal, babalik din sa hacker na yon ang ginawa nya. Apir sa inyo mga ninja! Aantayin ko ang bago nyong NINJA MOVES! Apir at Beso sa inyo!

Yours truly,

Jenn :)


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