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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fantastic Monday!: I won ZIPZ Shoes from!

Ho ho ho! We are all back to work today, long weekend is over! But hey, I still have hang-over from weekend happiness. You know why? Because it was just another GREAT and NICE Monday for me! The Reason why, Because I won another giveaway!

Last week, I joined the giveaway on "Zipz Shoes"  as part of's promo! Aren't they generous?? They will be giving 3 pairs, one pair each to 3 winners that will be drawn randomly via rafflecopter (3 winners every Friday!). And fortunately, during their first draw, I am one of the 3 winners!

The very first time that I saw the shoe-brand, (click here for to see the infommercial) I am totally amazed on the design of the shoes. Why? Because ZIPZ Shoes are the world's first sneakers with interchangeable covers! Isn't it sounds amazing?? Honestly, it was the very first time that I have ever seen this kind of shoe design.

 It was created in the US, wherein a mix and match rubber shoes that comes with a classic canvas colors and fashionable prints that you can wear to any occasion. With three different basic shoe designs you can go from a low-top shoe to a high-top shoe, to a slip on in under a minute!  You can choose whatever design that will suit your personality! 

Here are the few samples:

This is the one that I've picked.



Once you have the shoes and still wanted to have the other designs, you can buy the COVER ONLY (thrifty idea right?).


I am just so happy that I am one of the 3 winners! I am planning to buy a pair of rubber shoes once I have spare moolah so I can use it whenever I am in the field (processing work permits and going to cell sites), it's inappropriate naman kasi di ba, If I will wear wedges or high-heels if I'll do a lot of walking, right? (Oh, I can still remember when we were on the field at SM Sta.Mesa, I accompanied my workmates to do the commissioning on the site, it was located at the 8th floor, at the tower van , we climb in a very narrow stairs, and guess what I am wearing at that time,yeah, I was wearing dress and sling back-flats, nyay! And every time I process permits, maghapong lakaran, tapos nakaheels aketch, aray!  lol) So  ZIPZ Shoes is the answer to my dilemma. The RIGHT and PERFECT pair to wear whenever I am in the field!

I just wanted to grab this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the guys behind the "ZIPZ Shoes"especially Ms.Maurice (the one who manages the ZIPZ Shoes account in Multiply) for being so nice in informing me on how to claim my prize and of course to, which has been my favorite online shop. Thank you guys for being generous and letting us discover the ZIPZ Shoe-brand for FREE!

So, how about you guys, do you want to be the next fortunate one to win a pair of shoes from ZIPZ Shoes?? Join now, I assure you, the mechanics are so easy in just 4 simple steps! Click here to know how! Or if you wanted to buy and experience how fashionable the ZIPZ Shoes are, go to their online shop HERE!

**ZIPZ Shoes are also available in Toddler and Youth Sizes  with different and colorful designs! Great news, they are still on it's 44 to 56 % discount  with FREE SHIPPING Fee Nationwide, so what are you waiting for, check it now and kick some serious booty!

I'll let you know guys once I received the shoes! Will post it right away! I am so excited! Yeehah!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for joining the promo. We're sure you'll have fun with your new Zipz shoes. :)

    1. Thank you too for commenting on this post! Really appreciate it! Thank you so much Multiply!


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