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Friday, June 15, 2012

I nailed it 11: Not so Perfect Water Marbling.

Okay, I already made up my mind. Thou this post isn't interesting at all, I still wanted to share to you guys my "not-so-successful water marbling". 


I've already tried this not just once, or twice but thrice! And still, it wasn't successful, gonna cry now! lolz!

I saw this water marbling on you tube last year, and already said to myself that one day, I'll be making my own version. But every time that I am trying to do it, I always FAIL.

Wanna know why?  here's the photos.

at first, it looks okay pa
done with my left hand
after removing the excess nail-polish, here's the finished nail-art

haha parang abstract lang!

not so perfect :(

See? Gross isn't it?

Haha. naiinis ako. Di ko malaman kung anong mali. If yung water ba or yung nail polishes.

Pero here's the tips when you are about to make this water marbling ek-ek!

1. Make it sure that your nail polishes are new. Why? Because if you use the old ones, even if you drop some acetone on it, still, hindi well distributed yung nail polish sa water, in short, mamumuo lang sila. Believe me dear!

Caronia On the go 27.00, Sassy in Black Magic 17.00 & Klik in Navy Blue 17.00

2. The water temperature has a big contribution to this nail-art. Make it sure that the water  is NOT COLD, nor HOT, just WARM. Period!

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly or 'Scotch Tape' on the skin that surrounds your nails (excess nail polish were hard to move if you will not apply the things mentioned earlier before you dip your nails onto the water).

4. Turn off your electric fan! 

5. Have PATIENCE when doing this thing.
this is moi! headache anyone???!

And there you have it,My not-so-professional tips, but it will surely help you to come up with a neat and beautiful Water Marbling. I guess using EXPENSIVE nail polishes here is better but still you can use CARONIA or BOBBIE if you are looking for an affordable one, just make it sure that they are newly bought. Mas easy i-maneuver kapag bago yung nailpolishes.

So that's it! Thank you for reading this post. I really appreciate it kahit na panget yung nakita nyo. hehe Salamat dearest! Hey hun, if you are successful in such thing, please do leave a comment so I can visit your blog and maybe I can find tips from you and become successful in making this SOON. Balang araw luluhod din ang mga tala. hehehe



  1. Hi Jenny!

    Ur truly welcome!
    It's ok if its low quality. :)
    Btw, cool nails!

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