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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Water Marbling

To complete the week, here's another NOTD of mine.
This has been my third time on trying to do the water marbling.
And I actually failed again, but somehow it looks better than the second one.

So here it is:

 Pictures were taken just after the water marbling, I haven't cleaned it yet.
 On my left hand, I almost perfect my nails.
 Except on my pointing finger.(tama ba term ko?)
 I like the effect of green and black :)

 And here's the gross part, yes because of laziness, I came up with such result like this:
 My right hand. Seems like everything was a mess.

I just used cheap nail polishes to achieve this design and they are such follows:
- Sassy Nail Polish in Lime Green P17.00
- Sassy Nail Polish in Black P17.00
- Sassy Nail Polish inWhite P17.00
- Balck Radiance Gold (Free)

And here's how it looks like after 3 days. Still looking good.

I tried to make a video tutorial for this pero It ain't successful though. I still don't have the courage to do So much better if you'll watch the video below on how to do this thing :)
 Here is one of the most viewed water marbling tutorial on youtube.
So have fun!


  1. I like the final result! Reminds me of a camouflage pattern :)

    I find water marbling difficult and messy! haha. I gave up trying water marbling because i always end up with messy fingers!

  2. super like!! i've been experimenting with nail art gradations, but when i saw this i want to try it asap :)

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