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Monday, August 6, 2012

Follow the Dots

Good evening everyone! How's the first day of your week?
We are all suffering from heavy rain everyday and every night no?
Anyway here's an NOTD post for you :)

I used to have very long nails when I was not working yet. This NOTD of mine was made last 2010.
I just downloaded the pictures from my fb account and share it with you here.

 Oops, some of you might hate the picture below cause it really looks like a hand of a witch. My nails are very very long so sorry if it looks gross.

This is a combination of satin green and pink nail polish with black and violet dots.

I don't have the pictures of nail polishes brands that I used but here's the list:
olive green by posh
pink by caronia
black dots by posh
purple dots by bobbie

But my nails are shorter than this now. I use to trim it every week, why? Here's the specific reasons why:

Kasi having long nails make your life harder. 
Yeah believe it or not, you will find it harder to type when you have long nails. 
You may accidentally scratch and wounded yourself because of your long nails.
(which always happen to me)
 You might scratch your scalp to the highest level lalo na kung may dandruff ka.
 (like me, yucky no?).
It is hard for you to untie some knots because you are afraid that your nails might get chipped.
It may be difficult for you too wear and remove your contact lens if you have freaking long nails.
It will become hard for you to type in your keypads or on your touch screen phone becoz of your long nails.
Your boyfriend might hate you because he will feels like he's with a witch or a vampire when you are together.
And last but not the least, mahirap at masakit syang ipang K, yeah you know what I mea, the process when you remove those gunk's on your nose. (wag ka ng mandiri, ginagawa mo rin yan)


And that's it. I hope you like my nail art design. Yes it will be acceptable to me if you will hate my nails this time. I hate it din kasi jan e, super haba.

Keep safe and dry everyone!


  1. Your nails are so long and perfectly shaped! at first glance, i thought you were wearing fake nails! :)

    Ang galing mo to maintain such length!

  2. Iya: Thank you Ya! :) Mwah! No they aren't fake. hehe

  3. wow.. super long ng nails mo noon.. its such a hassle kaya pag long nails. hehe

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