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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Jordana Easyliner in Mulberry Creme

Here is another review from the stuff that I have got from TBJ Meet and Greet..
It is the Jordana Easyliner in Mulberry Creme.
 It was my first time to have something from Jordana line. This is actually an imported product from the U.S but you can avail this from different online store or at the selected dollar stores.

Cost: Free.
(approximately P100+)
Makeupholics is very generous to sponsored Ms.Martha's Meet and Greet.
 So here is the product.

This is a retractable lip pencil.

Taken with flash.

Taken without flash.

Closer look.

This has a pigmented brownish / reddish shade.
 Almost like red violet I think. 
So here's how it looks like on my lips.

Naked lips.

When line on the outer lip.

With flash.
without flash
When line all over my lips.

With flash.

I can't compare this to any lipstick shade that I have, even the darkest one that I have on my EB palette, this is still darker than that. So I can't use this as a lipliner instead I use this as a lipstick but I haven't wore this in any occasion or even at the office because it looks like am a vampire or I am attending a halloween party.

It's meh! Lol while having hot oil treatment at home.
Sorry for the panget face

L|et's go to the real thing:.
Good Points:
- Affordable.
- Retractable.
(so you don't have to sharpen the pencil).
- Pigmented.
- Easy to carry.
Bad Points:
- Availability.
- Drying on lips.
- Not long lasting.
(it only stays for1-2 hours).
- Does not compliment morenas, imo..
Hmmm, better if you find something else, I don't recommend this to you girls because of it's lasting ability.
 I tried to wear this but it did not stay for 3 hours. And it is a bit drying on my lips and it does not compliment most of filipinas skintone.
So i hope you find this helpful if you are planning to buy some lipl\iners from Jordana.
 How bout you guys, do you have something from Jordana?L|eeme hear through your comments!.
Thanks and Pl\ease do keep safe! The rain is still pouring hard outside.

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  1. Hi there my name is Christian I´ve been looking for that easyliner so long time and I was thinking that was descontinuated but I watch you advertisment and I want wonder if you be able to send me the link where I can find that easyliner please.

    Regards and thak you so much.


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