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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do I really need makeup?

Hi guys! I just realized that I need to post something about me and makeup. This is actually  a post about my positive thoughts on makeup. Before anything else, have you ever asked this question to yourself:
 "Do I really need makeup?"
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I already asked such question to myself and I  strongly believe that "I REALLY NEED MAKEUP". But why I so? I will discuss it further later. But first, let us consider some facts about makeup.

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What is makeup / cosmetics?

"Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. They are generally mixtures of chemical compounds, some being derived from natural sources, many being synthetic."

Cosmetics include skin-care creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail and toe nail polish, eye and facial makeup, towelettes, permanent waves, colored contact lenses, hair colors, hair sprays and gels, deodorants, hand sanitizer, baby products, bath oils, bubble baths, bath salts, butters and many other types of products. A subset of cosmetics is called "make-up," which refers primarily to colored products intended to alter the user’s appearance. Many manufacturers distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics.- Wikipedia 

I am not going to discuss here the types of makeup or the history of it or whatsoever. I wanted to share to you guys how it change my perception in life and how does it help me to accept the "real me". I discovered makeup when I was in high school, during that time I met face powder, lipgloss, eyelash curler, eyeliner and blush on. But don't have the idea on how to put it correctly, I just randomly put it on my face and I feel better and confident kung dumaan man si crush sa harap ko. Yes, that's the purpose why I wear makeup during high school days. lol

But things gradually changed when I reached college, it was the time when I met foundation, liquid eyeliners, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. I can't even leave the house without my "kikay kit" and of course without makeup on. But still the techniques aren't correct til I graduated and discovered the world of "Beauty Blog". Upon reading and watching thousands of tutorials, it strengthen my beliefs and positive points of view about makeup. Thou I am not saying that I am already fully equipped of knowledge on how to apply this or that on my face, I am still learning, what I am trying to explain is that I know now how to deal with my imperfections, on how to conceal dark undereyes, to make my big nose narrower, to brighten up my eyes and make it look pleasant, on how to appreciate my face even if hindi katanggap tanggap yung itsura mo para sa iba o sa taong nagugustuhan mo. Pero even if we are in a very modern world today, there are some people who use to hate those girls who wear makeup. Kahit nga ako, my father told me: .

"Bakit ba kailangan pang magdrawing ka jan sa mukha mo anak? 
Gabi na, muka pa rin ang inaasikaso mo? 
Maganda ka naman ah kahit wala kang makeup? 
Okay naman yung ilong mo ah, yung iba nga talagang mas pango pa.
Kinakalimutan mo ang almusal mo dahil lang sa pagmamakeup mo.
Ano na naman yang binili mo, makeup?."

And so on and so on. . . . Hindi naman ako galit sa sinasabi nya, pero sometimes I wanted to tell him "Don't you know pa, I look best when I wear makeup!". Pero I just can't, I know he was just saying those words because he is my FATHER, and he loves me so much. But I'm glad that my mom is very supportive to me, we even watch makeup tutorials together. So when it comes to the member of my family it's 70/30, 70% supportive and 30% not.

That's why I examined and asked myself: "Do I really need makeup? Do I really need these time consuming colorful palettes, liners, foundation and lipstick?". And again my answer is "YES!", why because of this:
This picture was taken around 4:30am a month ago.
Taken after I removed my makeup, dated July 13.
This was after a face mask, last year on November.
And this was way back 2009.
Parang yung last picture lang yung katanggap tanggap no? The pictures above were not retouched or anything.

Yes, that's how I look like without any makeup on my face. Haggard, full of blemishes, lots of acne marks, a face surrounded of acne, large pores, uneven eyelids, big nose, uncontoured cheekbones, big lips, chinky eyes, unnatural hair, dark underarms, skinny (pero big tummy), uneven skin tone, oily face, yellowish teeth. Yes that is JENNIFER. The real me. You will probably see this face during weekends when I am at home. So now tell me, "Is she beautiful" Does she looks pleasantly on your eyes? Would you dare to court this girl? Is she pretty? I don't have enough time to make a survey pa and post my picture on the internet and make a question POLL if this girl is Pretty or not. I know, when I show this picture of mine to random people (na di ko kilala) at di din ako kilala and If I asked them "Is she pretty" for sure the answer is "NOT!", "whatta face!".

But with the help of Makeup up, the girl on the above picture will transform into this:
Way back 2009.
2010. upong bb.pilipinas!
just taken this morning :)
Yes, I have now a better face (thanks to Maybelline Shine free powder), beautiful eyebrows (thanks to EB eyepencil), cute little eyes (thanks to Colour collection e/s, Royal Effem liner, Maybelline & Yves Rocher Mascaras), Rosy cheeks (thanks to Maybelline mineral blush-on), luscious lips and straight hair (courtesy of Salon de poseur).These pictures look far way better than the first batch of pictures right? Right? Right?!! Now tell me guys if I don't need makeup? Here's a childhood picture and a recent picture of mine:
When I was 7 years old.
This is inspired by Mona Lisa, mga panahong di ko pa kilala si Eyebrow pencil at suklay.
15 years later.
All those years, I suffered from "pangaasar" even of my relatives., they told me na  iba daw ang tatay at nanay ko. Because I look different from my mom, my dad, and my two brothers. It seems like I am ampon nga e, pero hindi talaga. I can still remember kapag nakikita kami ng mga dati naming kakilala eto sinasabi nila noon: " Ang laki na ng mga anak mo Fe / Sonny, yung panganay kamukhang kamukha mo Sonny, si Bunso ang pogi! E asan yung anak mong babae? Ah eto na ba? Ang tangkad na (tangkad lang talaga? di man lang sinabing cute kahit sapilitan lang)!.Yes, that's the only compliment that I usually get from my parents friends and acquaintances. Pero noon yun, nung mga time na hindi pa ako marunong magayos. Nung mga time na ang itim itim ko pa, na kahit mejo fashionista na ko nung bata e syempre may pagkabaduy pa damit ko at bigay lang ng kung sinu-sino. Pero ngayon, I don't get those compliments anymore. Dahil I know now how to groom myself I get these compliments na from different persons, relatives, kababata, friends and acquaintances:

"Jennifer, ikaw na ba yan? Aba ang ganda mo na! (bakit dati ba hindi?) Ang laki laki mo na! .Ang tangkad". - family friend
"Si ate jenny ang puti na (thou di naman maputi, ibig sabihin lang pumusyaw na di tulad ng dati). Siya ba tong baby sa picture? Ba't ang itim dito parang maligno?" 
- my cousin Bruno
"Si ate eper para talagang Koreana!" - Avid fan kong Tita Men and Tita Nita
"Ang ganda mo talaga pumorma ate Jen, tapos ang galing mo pang pumili ng mga damit, ang ganda pa ng mga bag mo at sandals (ah so yung gamit ko lang talaga ang maganda? Meaning to say maganda lang ang taste ko at ako hindi??)" 
- My dear cousins Tintin, Apple, Lovely and Annie
"Marunong ng magayos ang pamangkin ko, ang ganda na, dati nakapanty lang tapos tulo sipon (hayop! sana luha nalang e)" - Mga tito kong baliw
"Ang sexy talaga ni Ms.Jen. Si Ms.Jen talaga laging blooming!". 
- mga officemates kong manyak joke!
"Ate jen may kamukha kang artista . . . . . . si blah blah blah, ". 
Mga pinsan kong avid sa koreananovelas
At syempre may tatalo ba sa linya ng nanay ko:
"Mas maganda ka pa dun nak e', model ba yon? Pano kaya nak kung ikaw no, panigurado talo mo yon. Syempre sa ganda ng lahi naten!" - Mama

Hey guys, sana  di kayo nayabangan sa mga namention ko above. I didn't mean to brag those lines. What I want is for you to understand the sequence of the story. They said those things to me cause they see changes in me. And they usually see me during the days when I wear makeup. They see an improvement sa itsura ko. They see na may passion or rules ako when it comes to outfit. At yun ay dahil sa natuto akong magmakeup, magsuot ng high heels, skinny jeans, magayos ng hair at kung anu ano pa. Cosmetics have done a dramatically changes in me. Na kahit nakakakita ako or may nakakasabay akong chicas sa jeep or kung saan man, I don't feel like muka akong bruha, na panget ako, na kahit isang lalaki man lang walang mapapalingon saken. Yes,everytime I wear makeup parang it's 2 in 1, like when I wear makeup it feels like I wear extra confidence. It feels like I am ready to face the world or any person or any paper works. And most specially, I learned how to appreciate myself, this face, this body and this hair. 

Yes, makeup has been my tool in boosting my self confidence. That's why I am very thankful that this thing had been invented hundred or thousand years ago. We aren't perfect, and sometimes we use to hate ourselves for not having a particular thing. But look on the brighter side. You can make things beautiful, no matter how ugly it is. Be positive. Be confident. We cannot please everyone. Every human being has their own perception in beauty, and so you are. Though sometimes I still feel insecure but I always make sure not to let it me down.
I just wanted to grab this opportunity to say Thank you to all the beautiful makeup guru's that I've been subscribing  and following on every video tutorials and blog post.  Ms.LizMs.Martha, Ms.Shen, Ms.Jen, Ms.Noe, Maggy, Bubzbeauty, and to all my fellow bloggers who has been my teacher and guidance when it comes to makeup. Thank you so much! :)

But I always keep on my mind na time will come makeup can no longer hide my imperfections. That makeup cannot hide the wrinkles soon when I get old. But when I reached that day, I will always be thankful that makeup has played a good role in my life for making it colorful, for making me feel that I am beautiful, for helping me become brave to face the people around me, to become an inspiration to others (my cousins) and to know the real meaning behind the word MAKEUP. And of course, the thing that we should always remember is that, Don't forget to wear the right attitude as you wear makeup.Yes, the inside beauty will always be the strongest and effective concealer in our imperfections.
Aw that was a long post. It sounds dramatic no? Balak ko kasing isubmit yan sa MMK, hehe.
 Kidding aside, I hope you guys learned something from what you've read. To girls out there who felt or feel the same things that I've been through, I know time will you come and you will realized that God has given us  a lot of reasons to be happy and to feel that we are important and beautiful. Sometimes being positive cannot change the fact.
But accepting what you have and appreciating it will surely make things different.
Love you guys,..



  1. gagawa rin ako kagaya neto ate jen!..:D..hehe

  2. Love this post be! wala naman dapat katakutan sa make up eh. and naiinis ako pag tingin ng tao pangmaarte at sa magganda lang make up.hehe. makeup is our friend!

  3. Another heartfelt post from you sis! Thank you for sharing this! I understand you!

    Makeup really enhanced your beauty! Glad you're now more confident!

    Even if we're not really close yet, I can say that you're pretty inside and out. Stay true! <3

  4. Ate jen naman hahaha! Tama ka jan nafefeel kita! Haha.

  5. RAMDAM KITA!! hehe I was laughing dun sa mga lines dun. hehe. nakakatuwa not the thing they said but the way theyre saying it. hehe. parang mga cousins ko lang. :D

    BUT YES, makeup makes us feel better about ourselves. :) Yes, natural is beauty but makeup helps us feel more confident and prettier.. :)


  6. Noime: Sige gawa ka tapos inform me pag tapos ka na ha? I will read it.

    Arra: Ako rin girl!

    Iya: Aw, thank u sis! Natouched naman ako dun! Mas okay talaga pagnagpapakatotoo ka! Love ya!

    Tin: Hehe, nakakarelate?

    Chel: Thanks dear!

    Thank you girls! You just don't know how happy I am to feel all of you support!

  7. I super agree with your article!

    I embraced the world of make-up when I realized its power to make every girl confident about herself. For me it has a message kasi.. Parang through make-up you can make a girl realize na maganda pala xa.. Make-up lets the girl discover that she is beautiful. While make-up changes her appearance in the outside, she is changed in the inside..

    And another thing, once you discover make-up, you also discover and become particular with skin care.. And with proper skin care, pde ka na hindi mag.make up paminsan minsan.. tapos after skin care, you become particular with your diet na.. and you become aware na kelangan mag.exercise.. so over all, magiging healthy ka!

    And I am saying this because this is somewhat my story.. glad you shared yours kasi maraming nakakarelate!

  8. Mega haba Honey. Mixed emotions while I'm reading this. I am not much fascinated into make ups. Like yours, as I remember when I was in high school, I also used powder and lip balm only. Now I'm using foundation, lipstick and blush on, that's all. But I strongly believe I'm still fetish LOL-ing.

    We girls have to be MORE POSITIVE, kahit hindi tayo maganda, we should have self-esteem. But sometimes, I'm really really confused with this: they say girls should know how to dress up, take good care of their physical appearance, kaya minsan kahit nasa bahay lang ako or bibili lang sa tindahan, kailangan nakapowder at lip balm LOL again. Kasi iba pa rin daw talaga yung nag-aayos ng sarili. Kahit maganda ka na mag-ayos ka pa rin.
    Kaya for me, ok yang ginagawa mo.
    Keep it up sweetie. (: follow your passion.

  9. You nailed it again Jen! It's worth the length and reading it.

    Make does a lot of wonder. Naaalala ko nung high school, pag namamawis ako ay naku tlaga, umiitim ang mukha ko sa kintab. Di puwedeng wala akong owder sa papel. HAHAHA.. Uu, sa papel, hindi ko pa kasi kilala si foundation, toner, cleanser eh. Late bloomer nga aksi ako ag dating sa ganyan. Nung nagtrabaho lang ako natutu sa mga ganyan ganyan.. Nyahahahaha.

    Pero see, we've evolved. I guess that's part of becoming a woman. i should have discovered it earlier but hey, it's not too late right? We run the world!

  10. Ile - I agree on this line of yours: " While makeup changes her appearance in the outside, she is changed in the inside". I'm glad too because you liked my post!

    Rachel - Tama! Narealized ko din na hindi na nga ako maganda, so bakit pababayaan ko pa sarili ko? Much better if I will come out of my comfort zone and try something else that will make me confident. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support!

    Jonna - Really? Thank you sis for being a consistent reader of mine. Matagal ko ng ginawa tong article na to' natagalan din before ko matapos. Lalo na siguro pag pinure english ko, dudugo ilong ko. Tama, it's not too late. Late bloomer din ako, pero I'm glad na nadiscover ko ang makeup and it really boost my confidence.

    Girls, thank you for embracing this post of mine. You just don't know how happy I am to know that you can relate to this. Love you guys!

  11. Inspiring! :) been there and make up gives us girl a boost of confidence. It gives us an extra pack of beauty. But at the end of the day what is important is who we are behind those makeup.

    pero iba pa rin ang nagaayos make us feel more mature and lady like! <3

    Saw your blog in beauty bloggers. :)
    I'm a member here <3 hope you can follow back.


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