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Friday, August 10, 2012

Braided Pink Tips

Happy weekend guys! I hope you are all safe.
 Here is another NOTD of mine, this was actually taken last 2010, I just downloaded this from my fb account       and share it with you since I am not finished yet on my review about Colour Collection Mineral\ Eyeshadow.
I just made a side french tip and put a braided design on it.


If you wanted to know how to came up with the Braided design I have a separated tutorial on how to do this 
I also created the same design on my toenails :).

And there you have it! Let me know guys if you decided to make this design too!.
Have a good weekend! Keep safe!..
And yes, I just reached yesterday the most number of views in a day and its because of you! Thank you for reading my Post about "Do I really need makeup?".
You girls are all awesome! Arra, Iya, Tintin, Michelle, Keith, Vidah, and to everyone who read it.
 Thank you very much, l\ove you guys!
Thanks for dropping by!.


  1. No biggie Jen! hehehe. gaganda ng nails mo grabe frustration ko ang mahabang nails kaso daling maputol sakin


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