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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: Colour Collection Mineral Eyeshadow in Luminous Gems

Here is the partial review about the gifts that I've got as Project Vanity's Commenter of the Month.
Today I am going to review the Colour Collection Mineral Eyeshadow Quad in Luminous Gem.

I am not really a big fan of e/s. I find it too much if I am going to wear it everyday. But If I am in the mood, I use to wear e/s but in neutral and shimmery ones. But when this e/s came upon, I've been wearing this almost everyday at the office.It has a subtle and will give you a natural look when applied on your eyelids because it is a mineral eyeshadow. Let's take a look at it :) I provide lots of pictures for you to see how cute it is!

Cost: Free
(not sure on the price maybe P300-P450)
Bought: Free
Content: 5g
It comes in a black rounded compact. Oh to those who haven't heard about Colour collection, this is actually from the Tupperware Brands. Here's a short info about CC: 

"Tupperware was introduced in the Philippines in 1966 and has since become a household name, changing the lives of millions of Filipinos through its world-class products and the limitless income opportunities it offers. In 2007, Tupperware Philippines merged with Sara Lee Direct Selling Philippines to become what was known as Fullerlife Direct Selling Philippines. Today, we are proudly known as Tupperware Brands Philippines to reflect our strong heritage while conveying that we are a multi-brand, multi-category direct sales company."

 The shade is in LUMINOUS GEMS (5g)

Ms.Liz told me that she really loves this e/s that's why she sent me this because she knows that I will surely love this too, and she's right!

I included pictures which are taken in different color settings so you can see the texture and shades really well. I also put texts on the picture for you to know the settings that I made while taking the pictres.
Here is how it looks like inside:
It has 4 eyeshadows.
It has a sponge applicator which is usable (but e/s brush is the best!)
It has a mirror too!
Closer look on the eyeshadows:

I think this is the perfect shot, this is how the e/s looks like in personal.
You know now if what is my favorite shade! Few more weeks and I will surely hit the pan of the second (on top) eyeshadow.
The eyeshadow has a satin finish because of it is made up of mineral ingredients.
Ms.Liz said that this e/s quad is pigmented and has a pretty russet color selection.

Let's look on the e/s one by one:
I named it light (the e/s has no label). It is the lightest shade among the others and this can be use as base and highlighter on your tear duct and brow bone areas :)

I named the second e/s MEDIUM. This is my favorite! I usually use this over my eyelid and it really makes my eyes open. Good if you are sporting those korean looks (if you love the shimmer and dewy effect).

The third e/s, DARK.
 And here's the rhird one, it is dark shade of the e/s quad. It has a rusty shade but does not looks over or dramatic when applien on your eyelids. It is a pretty good shade actually :)

The DARKEST shade.
And last but  not the least, the Darkest shade among the 4 e/s. You can use this e/s too all over your lids. Though you can't achieve the perfect smokey eyes if you are about to use this, but a subtle and warmer looks instead.

Here's the swatch on my fingers:

The DARK and the DARKEST almost have the same shade and undertones.

 I use the blending brush that I bought at Watson's on applying the e/s. The e/s looks like it has grainy texture, but fret not, fall outs are very minimal.

And for you to see how it looks like when SWATCH here it is:

 First is the eyeshadow in LIGHT.

As you can see, the LIGHT eyeshadow has yellow undertone and it is shimmery not glittery. I did not use primer instead I use bb cream. It is pigmented and it looks like expensive no??

Let's proceed to the next e/s, the MEDIUM:

The MEDIUM eyeshadow has an orange undertone, but almost in between of yellow and orange. This actually looks great in person, it reflects the light and it really awaken your eyes and widen up your look.

While the third eyeshadow, the DARK, has a strong orange rusty undertone. Pigmented. And I think this is best to wear during summer if you wanted the Sun kissed look!
And last but not the least the DARKEST shade among the four.
 It l\ooks the same with the DARK but it has brown undertone..
Here's the swatch of the 4 eyeshadows:

And here are some of my FOTD:
Medium eyeshadow all over the l\ids
Combination of the 4 eyeshadows.

Good Points:

- Pigmented..
- Easy to blend.
- Mineral eyeshadow
- Cute packaging.
- Easy to carry around..
- Has minimal fall-out.
- I believe that this is still affordable.
- Good for an everyday simple look.

Bad Points:

- Hard to purchase, you have to look for a tupperware dealer
- The sponge applicator is somehow useless


Yes, this is a highly recommended eyeshadow for you guys! Specially for those who have sensitive skin and love mineral makeup this is truly for you. And the e/s are very pigmented they stayed on my lids for almost 10 hours without using any primer. Of course I would not recommend this to you if Ms.Liz doesn't fall inlove with this.

If you wanted to purchase and try the Colour Collection products you can visit their facebook account HERE and their official website HERE.

And that's it! I am finally finished a post, 1 down 4 to go.
Pl\ease stay tuned for more reviews!



  1. I didn't know may cosmetics na rin pala ang tupperware!

    Among the colors, I think I like Light the most. Do you prefer this over your ELF eyeshadow?

  2. Ile - Yes sis! I love this than the Elf! :) Marami na cosmetic tupperware, they even have BB creams, lippies, foundations, and etc.

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