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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Royal Effem Forever Stylo Eyeliner

Hi guys! I am just so happy kasi lately parang everyday ko nauupdate ang blog ko! Yesterday I created a review about the Colour Collection that I've got from Ms.Liz, (click here for the story). Here is another review from the stuff that I've got.

I was very happy when I opened the package and see that Ms.Liz included an eyeliner. I already emptied the liquid eyeliner that I usually use, but that one is a cheap and made from China. But it was actually good since it is water proof, and to tell you the truth it cost around 40 pesos. So I am very glad that I have a new eyeliner since eye lining is one of my most favorite thing to do. It really change the appearance of my chinky eyes, and it really awaken my look.

So here's the review about the Royal Effem  Forever Stylo Eyeliner.

Cost: FREE
(approximately P750.00)
Place Bought: FREE

 I haven't tried any product from Royal Effem. FYI, Royal effem is an imported makeup brand. Here is some information about them.

"Royal Effem makeup and cosmetics means caring for the skin and having respect for nature whilst in pursuit of beauty. Harmonious make up colours and well balanced ingredients with only the most advanced technology bringing out every woman’s natural beauty.
Laboratori Royal, the creators of Royal Effem and Oe Organic Elements Skincare  was established over 50 years ago and is a manufacturer of luxurious, classical yet contemporary Italian makeup and skin care products that are distributed to over 30 countries worldwide and promoted through the most luxurious spa and perfumery channels."

Yes, Royal is a a little bit of expensive product but it comes from Italian makeup and skin care for over 50 years. It means that they have a good reputation. 
 I am very much curious about this product, I failed to win Ms.Martha's giveaway last May, she had lots of Royal Effem stuff there, but now I have one and thanks to Ms.Liz!
 This is in Stylo Eyeliner.
 Ang sosy, made in Italy! 
Tuccini, Cuccini, Ciao! (haha nababaliw na naman ako)
 This is in eyeliner pen.
 This is approimately 4-5 inches in height.
 This is the description from the website:
  • Long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner pen, for a decisive, marked stroke.  Ophthalmologically tested.
  • Forever Stylo Eyeliner is a super long-wear, water proof, water-based liquid eyeliner ink.
  • Its improved soft tip provides a super-smooth, mistake-proof and precise lining, and a continuous and regular colour-pay-off is given due to the capillary system.
  • It has a very good coverage and the colour is deep black because it contains carbon black.
  • The forever Stylo Eyeliner dries quickly, it is no transfer and no fading. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

This is in color BLACK.

Here is the swatch on my arm:
without flash
Without flash
 You can make a very thin line, it depends on how you apply it, but you will achieve thinner lines if you will use the very tip of the pen.
With flash.

Closer look.

On me:
This is after 10 hours.

Hello oily fes!

The product test if it is waterproof:

 When rubbed once. There is a slightly smudge.
 When rubbed twice.

 When wet and rubbed. :( Oh no, with just one rubbed on the lines, the color fades. It isn't waterproof!

So let's proceed to the real thing if I like this product.
The following are based on my own and honest observation:

Good Points:

- Lightweight
- Pigmented
- Long lasting
- It has soft tip
- It dries quickly
- Easy to carry around
- Gives you a precise lining
- It stayed on my lids for 8-10 hours 
- Eye cats and winged lines are now easier to achieve

Bad Points:

- It smudge
- Not Waterproof
- Availability

The Verdict:

It says on its description that it is waterproof, but it isn't. As you can see on the pictures, I put my arm in a running water and rubbed the lines and it smudge.But the good thing is, I have an extremely oily lids but  it does not give me racoon eyes naman. It is pretty good long lasting and it does not have weird or strong scent. Still, I love this product. It is matte and winged lines are easier to achieve with this Eyeliner. I think good primer will help the eyeliner not to smudge. And hey, this is very pigmented! Though the price is kinda stiff   am just fortunate to have this FREE. hehe

Well, by the way if you are curious about Royal Effem, they actually have amazing foundations! Ms.Martha of the beauty junkee really love their lipstick and concealer.

You can check their FB account HERE.
If im not mistaken they still have their 40% off on all R.E eyeshadows.

How bout' you guys, have you tried something from Royal effem?

Hope you like this post.


  1. OwEeem! You're great in eyelining your eyes. My pen eyeliner like that will be empty sooner, but still I can't line it perfectly. Everytime I will try it, suddenly my eye will blink. Messed up! Teach me please! (((:

  2. I would have wanted to try this product kaso ang mahal!

    Regarding sa Garnier, effective ung para sa undereye circles.. pero it depends ata sa tao.. there is no instant result .. it takes time tlga.. bat ang mura dyan sa inyo? tag.199 kaya un dito sa amin! unfair!

    anyway, I'm planning to buy ung concealer version nun.. para ma.force ako gamitin. hehehe

  3. Sosyal! I want to have a good eyeliner too! Sayang, hindi sya waterproof.

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