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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunsilk Straight Perfection Leave on Serum

The Problem: Do you have dry, coarse and frizzy hair? Rebonded hair usually needs more care and attention. That's why I am on the hunt for Hair Savior! Will this second hair product satisfied my hair needs? Let's find out!

The Solution?: Here's the Sunsilk Straight perfection Leave-on Serum..

Cost: Around P54.00.
Where: Watson's
Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:
The truth: Yes this product is good. It isn't sticky and oily. I can still remember when I was in my hs days, dang! I use to apply baby oil on my hair. Haha para akong basang sisiw! Well, goodbye baby oil. Sunsilk is now my new hair savior. It really lessen my hair frizyness and it adds a little bit of shine on my hair. It also makes my hair softer and protects it when I 'm about to use those hair irons,curlers and blow dryers. It leaves my hair with no strong scent. And I think it makes my hair more straight. Konti lang naman. siguro. parang. mejo. Keeping it smooth and manageable (aha pwede na ba ko sa commercial? hehe).

Recommendation: YES! Pasok sa Pretty-thrifty-thing ang product na itech! For just 50+ pesos you can now say: "byebye buhaghaghair, hello silkier hair!". Oha Sunsilk should credit me for this. hehe joke lang!.

Here's how my hair looks like with the Sunsilk Serum:..


See how it makes my hair shiny but not too much?
So there you have it guys. Seriously this serum is good :) So another PAK para sa second Part ng ating Hunt for the Hair Savior(click here for Part1)! See yah again soon on Part 3! :) Vamos! Gracias! - Dinorado Apurado!.
These 2 products have been good to my hair! :) Keeping it super smooth even for 48 hours!.

Stay tuned for the Part 3! :).
How bout you girls, have you found you Hair Savior?? Lemme hear it!.


  1. Wow straight nga. Does it work for guys din LOL

  2. Will it work kaya for my new hair now. I cut it short and above the shoulder and grabe ang fly away :(

    And how long usually before maubos ang isang bottle?

  3. Salamat sa reply mo sis.. You think factor ba na rebonded hair mo kaya effective xa for you?

  4. Glen - I guess it will work to those who are not straight guys. LOL Thanks for dropping by!

    Ile-Try it sis for you to see if it is effective, 50 lang naman sya and a little goes a long way.


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