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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do the dots!

Since katamaran strikes, I am just going to share with you these NOTDs of mine that I created last year.
This was inspired by dots.

So if you are planning to have your nails done this weekend you can copy these NOTD if you like!
Dots are the most easiest thing to do if you are a beginner in nail art designing.
 All you have to do is to prepare a dotter.
It can be any pointed tool like a pen, pencil, pins or toothpick or 
anything as long as it has rounded and pointed tip.

And last thing to remember is the color combination of your nail polishes.
Make it sure that they have contrasting colors.

So here is it:

This is the combination of Sheer Violet and Black Dots.
If I am not wrong I used here the Posh Nail Polish (violet) and a cheap black nail polish.

 And here's a slanted french tips on my toe nails.

And another Red french tips with gold dots:

Another pink french tips with white dots with glittered top coat.

Green nails with white random dots.

And another slanted pink french tipswith blue and white dots.

And that's it.
I hope you like them.
Remember, you don't have to splurge with expensive nail polish to come up with a nice nail art design, it is just a matter of CREATIVITY and PATIENCE and PRACTICE!



  1. ang ganda naman nito Jen, galing :)

    thanks sis, ako din excited na, finding my supplier is quite hard but I'm loving it. :)

  2. you are very creative sa nails ate jen. :) i am too lazy to even clean my nails..what more paint them hahaha... :D



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