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Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY - Jewelry Organizer in 3 Simple Steps.

 Don't know where to put all of these stuff?
Find out how after the jump!

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay of posting this DIY post. Today, I am going to teach you on how to make your very own Jewelry Organizer without spending any amount from your wallet. By the way, I am not claiming that I own this idea, I saw this long time a go from the internet and this is one of many benefits that I am getting from searching random thoughts on net. So, yeah, there's a lot of ideas that you can see on google, but I think this is the easiest one! So read below on how to do it :)

I can't seem to find the original post so pardon the not-so-complete picture of step-by-step tutorial of mine.

Well, of course before we start these are the things that you need:

 Recycled Bags
Old-thick Cardboard
Needle & Thread

 You can use any size of recycled bags.
 Cardboard size should be according to the size of the bag.

Pins should be look like these.

Instructions are as follows:
1.) Put the cardboard inside the recycled bag. If the cardboard does not fit the size of the bag, you can stitch the two corners to tighten it. (Do this while the cardboard is inside the bag). Just make it sure to put a small space so you can remove the cardboard freely.
2.) After stitching the both side you can turn the bag inside out if you want to go for plain. I just turned mine because I want to hide the printed side of the bag inside.

3.) After securing the cardboard inside, place the pins on your desired position.
 And your done! You can now place your jewelries on the pins.

I put four pins on the top area for my bracelets,

and four pins on the middle area for my necklaces.
 You can also use the other side for your earrings.

The finish Product:
 Easy right? Plus, you don't need to spend bucks for a jewelry organizer, almost all of the things you need to do this DIY organizer can be seen at home.

What do you think guys? Is this cool or not?

Anyway, you can see a lot of DIY jewelry organizer ideas on google.

I do hope that you like this post!
Wanna try this too, comment me below your finish product!

Have a happy day!


  1. sis durable kayang gamitin ang pins? ang concern ko lang kc baka mahulog then makatusok pa yung pins. great idea by the way.

    1. Yes sis it is, just make sure that the cardboard is thick enough so it can hold the pins very well. I use an old cover of photo album.

  2. Hi Jenny! or Jen! hehehe. I hope you still remember me. :) You left a comment in my blog like 2 mos.ago and haven't updated it yet. And yep, I followed your blog because I like it. :) I like your idea of beauty isn't about expensive and high end product. I've been checking your blog many times na rin kaya lang sneak sneak lang kasi I also have academics to do. Now I have time and here leaving a comment in your blog. Na-hook agad ako. Did some sorts of revamping in my blog, will start posting again and I do hope to see you in my blog as well.

    Happy Blogging Jen! :)

    Btw, have you tried checking Pinterest? It has a lots of creative DIY ideas.
    HUGS! :*

    1. Hi Krizzia, yes I do remember you! Thanks for the sweet and kinds words. Really appreciate it! Thanks for the tips :) Mwuah!

  3. nice idea :D

  4. oooohhhlala! I'll do this one soon! I'll use like a cork board but i'll paint it in black and pink.. you're brilliant at DIY!

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    1. Nice. Post it too on your blog once you've finished it! Hehe I'm glad that you liked it and influence you to make on too! hehe Excited for your giveaway, will definitely join! Thanks!

  5. This is pretty neat. You're doing great with DIYs sis! :D


  6. Awww! Cool idea! Super cool idea! Galing! Would try this one!!

  7. To answer your question, cool yan. Ayos mga DIY stuff kasi tipid na mailalabas mo pa creativity mo. Next time pwede ang gawin mo naman eh organizer ng shoes LOL

    1. Thanks Glen! hehe oo nga e, kuripot kasi ako kaya I am into DIY thingy. Yeah tama ka, sakto nagrebelde ang mga rats sa amin, at kinagat nila ang 4 ng pares ng sapatos ko :| magandang payo!

  8. great Idea sis! I'll try to make my own organizer din as most of my accessories are lost na inside of boxes. Di nagagamit kasi nakakalimutan kasi nakatago.


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