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Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Haul : Watson's Goodies + Cheap Hair Coloring

Who hates Monday? And who hate it when you weren't able to post something on your blog during weekend? Me. My desktop computer totally shut down, not literally but it just not booting up. It turns on but it does not boot up. So that's the reason why I am not able to post anything on my blog. Sorry guys! I think I need new motherboard :(

Anyway, I'm glad that I can update my blog here at work. So today, I'm just going to share with you my recent haul this weekend. And yeah, I colored my hair, did my new nail-art and I will surely share it here pretty soon.

As of now, these are the good finds that I've purchased at Watson's and some cheap hair coloring.

This cost me not more than 480.00 :)
Watson's does not fail me to make me smile whenever I visit it. They always have their SALE, 10-40% off on selected items.

P199.00 (200ML) (buy1take1)
I already run out of lotion so I bought something which is from different brand. This is my first time to try this Ardent Malunggay Lotion (product from Gluta-C). And all I can say now is, it smells good. And yes, I bought this not because of curiosity, Buy 1 Take 1 kasi. hehehehe

Kojie San Toner 74.00
Myra E VitaQuench Lotion 36.00 (originally at P40-50.00)
Watson's Deo Roll On 42.00 (originally at P60-80.00)

And this Astring-Osol concentrated mouthwash or only P75.00 originally at P125.00. Such a steal! This is my fave mouthwash ever!

Sureaid Tawas Soap (forgot the price sorry)

And yes, I also bought cheap hair color form Hortaleza.

Verdon Series in Chestnut Brown P59.00 for mom
Bremod Colourant in Bright Gold P72.00
Hair color brush P30.00

And that's it.
I am controlling myself not buy too much, I am saving some bucks because I need to buy a new phone and digicam soon.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Watsons really damages my wallet, I cant control myself sometimes :(

  2. awesome haul Jenny!^_^

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  3. Jenny, update me with your new hair color! :D *excited much*

  4. I also bought Hair coloring set at HBC. Will still try it out soon hehe. Goodluck to your new goal to buy new stuffs hehehe.


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