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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Bride's Nail

Hi guys, how's your day? Mine was a bit busy. I was at the field. Anyway, here's the second post for my "nail-art week".

This is inspired by "Brides". We all know that Wedding Day is yet, the most special and and unforgettable day in a woman's life. From head to toe we want to be presentable but of course not overdone. So, here's a nail-art inspiration that a "bride" can try. This is simple yet elegant to wear.

Product Used:
Bobbie in Aqua
Caronia in White Satin
Caronia Colorless

How to do this:
First, do a french tip using Bobbie in Aqua.
(Reapply if needed). Wait until it dries.
Using Caronia or any white nail polish, make a five small dots forming a flower.
Run a needle on each dot, from outside to inside to make a petal.
Do it on the rest of your nails.
Let it dry, then apply top coat.

And that's it! Voila.

Muka ng chala ang nails mo!

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading my blog!



  1. awesome! ^_^



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  2. simple pero cute..
    ang messy ko mag nail art. XD


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