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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sha Sha Fierce Nails

Good evening to everyone  I am not planning to post anything for the whole week sana, kasi my digital camera is not working anymore. I need to buy new one so I can make new product reviews before they ran out. But I know, I need to update this blog for you guys. I am not feeling well today, I have super itchy throat and "Not ordinary skin breakout". I have this itchy reddish small bumps all over my face when I woke up. I don't know if the AcneCare has something to do with it. I still need to observe my face for few more days.

Anyway, I am just going to post nail-art designs for the whole week (buti nalang may back-up files ako). Maybe by the end of the month, I can buy new digital camera na, yehey!

I did this nail art desing way back 2010. I used to have super long nails that time:

I did not use any special brush here. Just the normal brush of the nail polish.

I used peachy nail polish as base.
Frosted Red Nail polish for the french tips.
Black nail polish for the flowers.

 My nephew was just 2 years old here. He even loves to pose na that time palang!

I know, my nails here look gross. It's super long na. haha hindi ko na kayang magpahaba ng ganyan kasi mahirap ng magtype.

And that's it.

Thank you guys for the page views even if I can't update this everyday.
I appreciate the comments.



  1. I like how it looks like even it was done manually. The combination of the colors were perfect. Your niece's eyes are so cute!

    ~ Sweetstrings

  2. Whoa sis! That's pretty long! :) Parang ang hirap kumilos. :) Anyway, the design is so fierce! I love how you did the flowers. Galing!


    Latest review:

  3. ang ganda nga eh!! love ko cya! ^_~ and your nephew is so cute ^_~


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