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Friday, October 19, 2012

I won : Acne Care Giveaway!

Last September, I joined All About JYL  giveaway. It was being sponsored by AcneCare. And last Monday, Janet messaged me that I am one of the 2 fortunate winners. And I am so happy! Why? Because I've been wanting to win this giveaway, I am experiencing big break out now so I am very fortunate enough to win this giveaway that's why I am very thankful to Janet and Acnecare!

Anyway here's a few information about Acnecare in case you haven't heard or informed about the product :

So yesterday, the package arrived, and as always, it wasn't me who received the package because I am at work at that time, so it was mom who received it. 

It was sent by AcneCare through Air 21. Shalaness!

So here it is.
1 Bottle of AcneCare LActoferrin (30 capsules)
2 Murad Anti aging serum Sample 

I haven't drink this yet, maybe I'll start taking it by the end of month since we will be attending special occassion on November. I am going to share this too with my brother, so we will be 50/50, 15 capsules for him and 15 capsules for me. I really wanted to take it on my own, but I know I have to share it with him because he is suffering from acne too (mas malala pa saken). So yeah, I'll make a depth review about it once we've finished the 1 bottle. 

If you wanted to try this, you can buy it on any Mercury drug stores, or you can check AcneCare facebook account since they are having promo right now.

Thanks and have a great weekend guys!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope I can win a giveaway too :D

  2. yey! Congrats sis! Please make a review about this soon! :)


    1. Yes, definitely, I will soon! Once we've emptied the bottle na!

  3. Congrats girl! Hope to meet yoou soon! ^_^



    My Suesh Giveaway ( open internationally too )

    1. Thanks Ate Iya! I would love to meet you too!

  4. yay! yay! yay! this is so much exciting! :)

  5. Jen congrats!! :) Don't forget to review ha! Baka sobrang umeffect yan at makalimutan mo na magblog! :) Haha.

    The Misty Mom

  6. : madi, is this effective? i wanna give it a try, thanks! :)

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