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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Wicked nails

Hello guys! Are you enjoying the long weekend?? I hope you are. Anyway, I know that almost everyone is celebrating Halloween (except me), lol so I am giving you this nail art inspiration. Or if you just love to wear black (emo) nail polish you can try this one, it will make your nails more attractive and cool than the usual plain and boring black nail color.

To achieve this:
Apply your blackest black nail polish, doing the french tips, but go down further on your nails, creating a curvy french tips.
Apply 2 coats of your black nail polish. Let it dry.
You can dot on 2 different colors on the tips of the blck nail polish to add chic look on your wicked nails.
Then, apply your favorite top coat! And your done!

That's it guys.
If you are going to make this design, you can put your link on the comment box so I can check it out :)

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!



  1. Happy Halloween sa kamay mo...

  2. super wicked! loveeeet! :)

  3. ang galing wicked talga ang dating ^_~


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