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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Amazing Shoe Rack

Hello guys! Good evening! So how was your long weekend? I hope you enjoyed it a lot. Anyway, I am going to share with you my happiness! Finally, I have this Shoe Rack that I've been wanting to have for so long. You know guys, I am a shoe lover. And I am starting to collect shoes since last year (dahil may work na ko, may pambili na ko ng shoes yehey!) but the problem is that I don't have the right place where I can put them all. 

Well, this afternoon when nanay and I was doing the laundry, a vendor was walking at our Sitio and selling the amazing shoe rack. Nanay called Manong and asked if how much is the shoe rack. Manong said it;s P650.00, I was really in shocked when I heard it (while I was watching Survivor Philippines, go Malcolm go Malcolm!). And we make 'tawaran' kay Manong. I told him that it is only P200.00 online. But he insisted that he can't give it to me for only P200.00 (syempre wala na silang tubo). So he gave it to me for only P300.00 as 'last tawad', mom agreed and she bought it for me. Naawa na din kasi kami kay Manong, since he told us that he really needs the money, he only sold 1 shoe rack from all day walking.

So after we do the laundry, we immediately arrange my shoes. And here it is:

 The Amazing Shoe Rack:
Light weight and Portable.
 Easy to assemble and dis-assemble.
Strong metal pipes and plastic parts.
Easy to Fold and Store.

Can sotre 30 pairs of shoes.
So  here's how it looks like after I arrange my shoes:

So I am able to stack 23 pairs of shoes (heels, flats, rubber shoes, slipper and some 5 boxes of shoes).

I normally put my shoes which have higher heels at the top kasi di siya kasya sa baba, mejo narrow kasi yung height of each layers so you can store your boots on the highest layer.

Here's the second layer. 

3rd layer.

4th layer.

5th layer

6th layer

 7th, 8th and 9th layer.
There is still one layer, but wasn't able to captured it on the picture.

What can I say about the Amazing Shoe rack?

Pretty thing:
Light weight
Easy to assemble
Can store  20-25 pair of shoes

Ugly truth:
The rack cannot stand with heavy shoes
You need to balance Stilettos and shoes with thin heels on the thin metals.
The width and height of the layers are too narrow.
If you only have narrow feet then you can store 3 pair of shoes on each layers

But nonetheless, I still recommend this to everyone who is looking for cheap shoe rack.

That's it.


  1. wow from 650 to 300! and organized na ng shoes mo, I like keeping my shoes in their box and piling them up but it can get annoying, I should get a shoe rack soon :D

    1. Actually, what you did is much better (well if you really have enough space to put all those shoe boxes) kasi it can prevent the shoes from getting dust :)

  2. wow talk about bargaining!! galing~ actually I saw these at divi but I didn't buy it kasi unstable cya super eh puro mga wedges pa shoes ko na mabigat T__T oki na me na shoe box then patong patong nalang..hehhe..

    1. Oo sis, super tawad talaga kami! And yes unstable siya :( Pero pagtsatsagaan ko na. hehe

  3. I looove shoe racks too! It keeps shoes not just in order but in good condition too! ^_^



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    1. Yes, it's a saviour! Thanks Ms.Iya for dropping by!

  4. Replies
    1. Ms.Denise, check it out at Multiply!

  5. Oh my! I love the brown leather shoes. Sobrang gusto ko yun!
    The shoe rack, I need them. My shoes re really unorganized. Kung saan saan lang sila nakalagay dito sa bahay! :P

    1. Hehe which one sis? Oh ganyan din ang shoes ko sa bahy before :( That's why nagmukhang luma at na deformed :(

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  8. will try to buy one coz it's sale on yung mga espradilles at doll shoes nalang ilalagay ko T.T

  9. When picking the right dimension shoe rack it is critical to know exactly how much space you have got in your house, where shoe racks.

  10. These Shoe storage ideas combat clutter by using ordinary household items in unexpected ways.


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