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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My brace journey begins now. . . .

I've been wanting to have braces since when I was a little kid. Not knowing the real reason why a person should wear one. And when I was a little girl, I did not take good care of my teeth. So, needless to say "Nasa huli ang pagsisisi". As of now, I am 22, and I already lost 4 molars on the lower area of my teeth. I also have yellowish teeth and had done several root canals. I have one protruded tooth (which is my front right tooth) , crossbite and the very sad thing is that I am almost near in "TMJ". Everytime I open my mouth I hear a loud clicks on my left jaw. It wasn't that painful, it's tolerable but who knows, maybe one day when I yawn, I can't close my mouth anymore. That would be a horrible thing, isn't it? At this point I decided to have braces even if I am On a very tight budget. Really! Napasubo yata ako, ay mali, napaNGANGA pala.

So last October 30, I had my braces installed. My dentist is Dr.Sixto Cruz III.

I'm glad that it just takes less than an hour to installed my upper and lower braces! And hey, it did not hurt. Well, I know once we started the treatment it will start to hurt na. (kaba kaba!).

Here's how my teeth looks like:

I have a protruded tooth at my central. I also have TMJ so I should have braces both on lower and upper areas.

Few shots that I took while the Dentist is installing the brackets:

Yay, ugly me. Parang tinotorture langs.

And just after less than 1 hour, tapos na agad sya and here I am:
 I chose color blue for the rubbers.

I am advised to visit again my dentist by next week or at the end of the month. It depends on me if when would I like to start the adjustment. Maybe I'll be back pag sweldo na ulit.

And now I can smile widely na on every pictures.
What do you think guys, do I look nice or nyan with braces?

I will post again after I visit my dentist for my first adjiustment.

Thanks guys!



  1. Hi Sis! Looks good hehe! Does it hurt? I'm planning din eh kasi uneven ang lower teeth ko. :)

    1. Hi Clai! Thanks! It did not hurt when the dentist was installing the braces, but today, it's hurting na!

  2. ang cute blue yun color!! nice, you look cute with braces ^_~

  3. My first experience of having braces, I was like, nah, it doesn't hurt one bit.. but then after an hour of freshly wearing it, I was like, man, it hurt so freakin' much that I had to eat soup for like a 3 days.



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    1. hehehe, I am starting to feel discomfort na ngayon Ate Iya. may singaw na ako.

  4. I've been wanting to do braces too. But then, I'm thinking baka maganda rin ung hindi maxado perfect ang teeth so there's something unique. There are a lot of celebrities dba that opt out of getting braces.

    1. I think sis okay naman ang teeth mo :)

  5. You look nice with braces sis! :) Ang cute pa nung crosslining wires! :D

    New follower here :)


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  7. Where are the initial archwires? How come you only have the wires for ligation? And why were the teeth ligated in the first place? The figure of 8 wires will only prevent movement, and the absence of the initial archwires won't facilitate tooth movement at all!! Sorry, i just find it weird,I'm a dentist btw,practicing Orthodontics. I chanced upon your blog through The misty mom blog.i can't help but react,coz it's sorta unusual,placing brackets without archwires,and ligating the teeth on the first appointment!how will the teeth align then?I'm sorry,i know I'm in no position to question your dentist's treatment plan.i simply find the approach very different, on a first appointment basis. Looking forward to seeing photos of your future appointments though.

    1. Hello there! First of all,I would like to say thank you for your concern. I find it actually nice reading your comment about my braces. I am not really equipped about the process, since my dentist did not actually explain everything to me. But, as I can remember, he says that this is just for temporary, this is not yet activated that's why the wires are not straight. He said that on my next appointment, it will be activated, hence, that will be the start of the treatment. I know it's my fault, I should have asked my dentist about it. But I appreciate your concern. Really. Don't worry, once I visited him by the end of the month, I'll show pictures again. Please don't hesitate to comment again if you see any weirdness on the treatment of my braces. Thanks once again!

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