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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I should be thankful that I don't have a sister

OH my, days went too fast. It's November! I know a lot of you are celebrating "All Saints Day", (but we don't since we are Jehovah's witness) I still do hope that you are all safe and enjoying the long weekend. I am starting now to suffer because of my braces, I feel some discomfort on my lower area. 

Well anyway, i just wanted to share with you a new makeover that I did yesterday. While I am waiting for a friend who will accompanied me to the dental clinic, I decided to do my brother's makeover.

 So here is my model. He is my 18-year old brother, Nathan. You know guys how I did his makeup, we did it while he was laying on my lap (sobrang tamad gusto nakahiga pa). I don't have a step-by-step pictures because my camera isn't working anymore so we were just fortunate that we were able to used it after the makeover.

Here's the after makeover, meet Nathalie, lol:

Arabian ang peg!
 Products use on his eyes:
Aido eyeshadow (Green)
Ever Bilena eyeshadow (brown)
Yves Rocher Volumizing Mascara (black)

I don't have a particular inspiration on what will l do with his makeup, I just randomly chose colors and applied it on his face playfully. hehehe

 Lip product used:

 Since I don't have a wig, we opted for a long pink scarf to cover his head.
Moshi moshi!
 I even coach him on how to do  his poses. My gosh, he poses so lamely and weird. lols

 Product used on face & cheeks:
Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Foundation
Maybelline Shine Free Foundation
Shawill Blush

Just to clear up everything guys, my brother is not a gay, hehe.

And after the makeover I therefore concluded that I should be very thankful that my siblings turned out to be "boys", dahil kung nagkataon sobrang kabog talaga nila beauty ko, kawawa naman ako! Hahaha. But yeah, sometimes I do wish 'na sana nagka-sister ako'. But  I am still thankful that I have my 2 brothers.

Hahaha! I hope you like it guys. This is not a serous makeover. We've only did this for 10-15 minutes only. 

And that's it.
Thanks for dropping by loves!


  1. Hihihi ang cute naman ni brother! :) Sana ganyan din mga bro ko.... haha ayaw nila magpa makeup sa akin e... :p

    Dainty MD

    BTW join our blog hop sis!

    1. Thanks sis! Hehe even my eldest brother, pumayag syang makeup-an ko siya :)

  2. Ang galing sis! Kinabog talaga ni brother ang beauty mo! I love the makeup. Parang Arab makeup look lang! You did a great job! Bagay pa sakanya yung lip color. Cool!


    1. Yes! Sobra talaga. haha kaya pasalamat ako hindi siya naging babae.

  3. WOW! hahaha cool! Your bro is a good sport!

    1. Yes he is. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. hahaha, ang ganda ng bro mu pwedeng pede pang Bb, Pilipinas!! Kabog ang beauty! naku ma-insecure c Ms. Major Major sa kapatid mu! hahaa~ Galing mu mag-makeup pedeng pede na maging MUA. Keep doing it girl, malay mu baka maging career mu na ang pagging MUA ^_~

    1. Hehehe, kulitz :) Salamat sis. hehe sabi ko nga mainsecure si BB Gandang hari :D

  5. haha! buti nalang pumayag siya.. lol
    ganda naman nung lipstick at eyeshadow! fierce! chos!

  6. :) Great bro if he agreed to do this!

  7. Ganda pala ni Natalie pag namake-upan sana ipagpatuloy nya yan. And about you, why don't you turn your hobby/talent into business?

    1. Type mo ba? Papakilala kita Glen hehe. Hmmm, thanks for the tip :) Hopefully soon!

  8. Bwahahaha, sport si brother ha. Mukha naman syang hindi gay, bwahaha. He was so confident with his sexuality na wapakels sa pag-m-makeup, anyways, bagay ang matte hot pink lippie sa kanya, ganda.

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